• He blushed and nodded, starting to take off my shirt.
    I smirked and watched him, amused with how erotic his simple movements seemed.
    Maybe the steam is just getting to me or something... Maybe the hostess telling me that Nicholas was loaded had gotten me all weirded out...
    I pushed those thoughts away and went back to paying all my attention on Nicholas who was pretty much stripping for me.
    He put the shirt down next to my robe and looked at me, his face going red. "What are you looking at?"
    I shrugged and grinned. "Nothing... I was just entertained by that little show you just put on for me."
    He rolled his eyes and stuck a foot in the water. "Yeah, sure, okay. A show..."
    I chuckled. "Admit it, you like it when I watch you. Especially when your doing something so sensual, eh?" I say slyly.
    His ears pushed against his head and his tail swayed. "Yeah... I love it." He says sarcasticly.
    I grinned again and took his hand, pulling him in. "Come on. I'm going to get annoyed if you just stand there freezing your balls off."
    "Already have." He says sitting down in the warm water.
    I shrugged. "Oh well. No more fun for you then."
    He gasped and hugged my arm. "Never mind. Their very much unfrozen."
    I smiled and kissed his hair. "Good. Keep it that way."
    He put hand on my theigh and leaned into me. "Yes, sir." He say's before kissing me.
    Crap... Not again...
    But ignore the little voice that keeps complaining in my head and take it up a notch.
    I put my hand on his neck and kiss him back.
    He slid over in front of me and bit my lower lip.
    I smiled and put my other hand on his hip, pulling his body closer.
    He sat down in my lap and kissed my neck.
    God, I love this kid.

    We weren't interrupted or bothered by anyone. We had a peaceful and enjoyable time in the pool.
    I looked down at him and smiled. "I will never get enough of you." I say before kissing him.
    He blushed and kissed my cheek. "I won't have enough of you either, Sam."
    I hugged him tightly and sighed contently. "Good. That way I won't be left alone."
    He nuzzled my neck. "I would never leave you alone. Your the only one I have to trust with everything."
    I nodded. "Then tell me everything." I say trying hard not to push him, but also nudging him into telling me about his hiden thing about money. I didn't care about his money, I was just surprised that he wouldn't tell me about it... Then again... I guess he wouldn't want me to know about it, just in case if I was a user and would snatch money from him for my own uncontrollebly greed. But I don't need money. I don't need pretty things. I just need Nicholas. The person I want to hold constantly. The person I can't stop thinking about during work. The person I get nose bleeds over. The person that makes me have odd fantasies of at the worst of times. The person that I would commit the worst of crimes for.
    Hell, I got in alittle bit of trouble at that coffee shop when I just met him, didn't I?
    He looked down and swallowed. "You'll think different of me when you hear me tell you some of it."
    I smiled and kissed his forehead. "Is it about your money?"
    He jumped and looked up at me. "How did you-?"
    "I just found out today, I could sort of tell on my own." I chuckle, lying for the hostess.
    He looked down and blushed. "Why didn't you tell me?"
    I shrugged. "It wasn't that important to me, I guess. It's just money right?"
    He smiled. "No ones ever reacted like that before... There has been people who got mad at me for not telling them, there has been people who already knew and were just using me for my money... I hated seeing their faces when I told them, or they found out... It always ended the same way." He says sounding crushed.
    I hugged him tightly and glared off into space. "I hate them. They have no right to hurt you, Nicholas. I'm sorry."
    He nodded and held me back. "Thank you, Sam. I owe you so much."
    I chuckled and kissed his hair. "Shut up. You don't owe me anything."
    He sniffled and pulled away from me, his eyes watered and his cheeks red. "Yes I do... I just don't know how to repay you."
    I stood up and felt the warmth of the water droplets on my body go cold almost instantly. "Come on. Let's go inside."
    He whipped his tears away and looked up at me. "How can I repay you?"
    I sighed. "I'll think about that later. Now come on. Get your butt up before I kick it into the house."
    He smiled and stood up. "Fine, fine. Gee, you don't need to get all rawr-like on me."
    I blinked and got out of the water, grabbing my robe quickly and putting it on, so I wouldn't freeze my butt off. "Rarw-like?"
    He smiled. "You know." He put his arms up like a dinasour and growled. "Rawr."
    I chuckled and threw his shirt at him. "Come on. Hury up before you catch a cold."
    He nodded and put the shirt on while walking towards the house with me. "You would hate that, wouldn't you?"
    I grinned and put my arm around his shoulders. "Of course. I would be devestated."
    He laughed and kissed my hand near his face. "Aw. Such a bad liar you are, Sam."
    "Is it that obvious?" I ask sarcasticly.
    He nodded.
    I sighed. "Damn..." I say opening the door and letting Nicholas walk in first.
    He shrugged. "I guess you'll just have to try harder next time, Sam. Too bad for you."
    I chuckled and kissed his hair, walking in and closing the door. "Yeah. Too bad."

    The hostess walked in with our dinner and set it down in front of us. "I hope you enjoy your meals." She says before walking out.
    I looked at it and almost started drooling. "I haven't had crab in so long." I say looking down at the long muscle filled legs of the red creature.
    Nicholas laughed and picked up a leg. "I can see that. We only buy the best, and a lot of the best. So eat as much as you want." He says breaking part of the leg easily.
    I watched him take out the pale pink long muscle and lick it tenderly. I swallowed and forgot my rumbling stomach that was begging for food.
    He dipped the meat in white sauce, then put his head back and slowly lowered the meat into his mouth, while some of the white sauce accidentally was left behind in the corner of his mouth.
    I covered my nose as blood blew out of it like a fire hose.
    Nicholas looked at me and blinked. "Sam? Is something wrong?"
    I shook my head and felt blood come out from between my fingers. "Dammit..."
    He gasped and grabbed a napkin. "Oh my god, Sam! Are you okay!?"
    I nodded and took the napkin, putting it under my nose to keep the blood from running even more. "Heh heh. Yeah. It just happens everytime I see something that... Never mind." I say waving my hand and blushing. "It's nothing. Don't worry about it."
    He sighed. "When you told me what it ment to get a nose bleed like that I thought I was hearing things... How can you get excited about me eating crab?"
    I smiled. "I have no real idea... I just a very perverted mind."
    He shook his head. "No kidding."
    I laughed and cracked the crab open and took out the meat as easily as Nicholas did. I put the crab in the sauce and put it to my lips, then sucked the meat in like ramen.
    Nicholas gasped and spun around, his hand over the lower half of his mouth.
    I swallowed and tilted my head. "Nicholas?"
    He turned around, his hand covering his mouth and nose. "Yeah?"
    I grinned and leaned forward. "Do you have a nose bleed?"
    His face went red and he looked away from me. "No..."
    I laughed. "You liar."
    "You got one too." He growled.
    "So admit it?" I tease.
    He glared at me. "Shut it."