• tab "Hello," Lucky told the Stranger.
    tab "You must be the guy from the Red Flagged Gang," the Stranger told Lucky.
    tab "Yes. Looks like you are well informed. So you know why I'm here."
    tab "No I don't know why you are here. But I was well informed that you were looking for me for killing that Bullseye guy."
    tab "Yes he was the brother of our leader."
    tab The Stranger took a sip from a tequila bottle. "So, is this a tale of revenge?"
    tab "No, Stranger, this a tale of recruiting," Lucky said.
    tab "Why recruit me? I killed your leader's brother."
    tab "Every time someone of the group dies the guy that kills him fills the slot."
    tab "So I'm the guy who is going to fill the slot, eh?"
    tab "Exactly."
    tab The Stranger got up from where he was sitting. "Sorry but I'm not interested."
    tab A man that was sitting besides the Stranger took out a gun. "The boss don't like to take 'no' for an answer."
    tab "Think about it, Stranger," Lucky warned.
    tab The Stranger remained silent as if thinking and saw Lucky draw out his gun. The Stranger looked towards the doors and saw about two men standing in each of the two. Then he looked at Lucky. "I already thought about it."
    tab The Stranger drew out his gun and pointed at Lucky's face.
    tab "The old Mexican stand-off," Lucky said.
    tab "I'm going to leave through that door," the Stranger said pointing to the door closest to him, "or I can just shoot all of you."
    tab "You shoot us all, you'll just fill our spots."
    tab The Stranger used his free hand to grab Lucky's hand and point it away from him and toward the other man's crotch. "You'll end up loosing more still." Lucky's gun shot and hit the other guy's crotch. The man bent down and yelled in pain and in impulse by the pain shot his own gun and the bullet hit Lucky's foot.
    tab Lucky started jumping in one foot and yelling the other men to shoot. The Stranger jumped over the bar and before taking cover from the bullets, shot Lucky in the head and he landed with a heavy thud on the ground.
    tab Whose going to order these guys to stop shooting, the Stranger asked himself.
    tab He tried to concentrate. Theres four remaining including the guy without the testicles, but he's no threat, the Stranger thought. Pieces of glass from the bottles were flying everywhere and the Stranger was bathed in liquor.
    tab When they stopped shooting the Stranger looked over to see where the nearest table was. As soon as his head became visible the shooting started again.
    tab He ducked back down again and looked through the side of the bar. He saw a table that was no more than ten feet away. He waited for them to reload and ran for the table. As soon as he got to it he flipped it over ducked behind it.
    tab The guns stopped going off for a few moments and heard someone running down to him. The Stranger lied on his back and kicked the table forward. The guy that was running down to him shot his shotgun and the shot landed a few inches away from the Stranger. The Stranger shot him the chest and before he could go down, the Stranger got up and caught the man and grabbed the shotgun.
    tab The Stranger tried to keep his cover up but the impact of the other men's bullets was making it difficult.
    tab The stranger grabbed the dead man's revolver and shot the second guy in the door closest to him. The man reached down to touch his wounded leg and the Stranger took advantage of the pause and grabbed a shell from the dead man's jacket and ran to the door.
    tab The Stranger ran toward the door and as the wounded man brought up his gun, the Stranger shot him and he went down. The Stranger dropped the six gun and reloaded the shotgun. He jumped through the door and shot the men in the opposite door and the buckshot killed one and wounded the other in the arm. The Stranger got up and drew his Colt and killed the man just as he was bringing up his weapon.
    tab The Stranger reentered the saloon and walked toward the remaining guy. The Stranger looked around and saw some people come out of hiding and saw the bartender was dead. He knelled down next to the man. "Where did you come from?"
    tab "I ain't tellin' you," the man said.
    tab The Stranger grabbed the man's crotch and he immediately started screaming.
    tab "Alright, I'll tell you! Just let go."
    tab "Tell me!"
    tab "Let go then!" The Stranger did so.
    tab "Tell me," the Stranger said.
    tab "In Saint Marcus," the man said, "near the Tile river."
    tab The Stranger got up and gave the man a light tap in the crotch but the man still recoiled in the sudden small shock of pain.
    tab The Stranger went outside and looked for a horse.