• 'Hello? jilly? are you there?' i said. *beep* '
    "sorry your connection has been lost please try again later" the phone operater person said.
    sad sad sad
    i dialed the number again. "Sorry this number is no longer available" the phone operater poerson said.
    sad sad sad
    i dialed my mom. "Hello this is Laura please leave your name and phone number and i will get back to you as soon as a i can" the voice thing said
    "Hey mom it's Carter where are you? i'm at the bus station in the dark, please call me back" i said.
    then i hung up.
    i looked around.
    then i heard a voice.
    "CARTER?" a mans voice said
    "Dad! where have you been!!!!?? where is mom i just called her?" i asked him.
    "I heard the voice message so i came." dad said.
    i got up.
    and reached out to hug him
    but he was gone.
    "Dad? where did you go? This isn't funny i'm scared!" i said.
    then the bus pulled up to the station.
    i got on.
    gave the bus driver my ticket thing and sat down.
    apparently i was the only one on the bus that night.
    so she asked me "Where are you going to?"
    "Turrill Road Please." i said.
    after about 15 minutes i was home.
    well not home exactly i had to walk about 3 houses down
    when i got home i tried opening the door.
    could this day get any worse?? i thought to myself.
    then i heard some thunder and it started raining.
    well i guess this day can get worse i thought to myself
    i knocked on the door.
    waited about 5-7 minutes
    i stared crying.
    no lights were on inside my house.
    so i went next door.
    i knocked on the door
    waited 5 minutes
    the door opened.
    i was so happy
    then i realized......
    to be continued