• Dear diary. My girlfriend is upset, I don't really know why tough. We were at the park, and I was holding her arm and listening to everything she was talking about.
    I mean, isn't what we are supposed to do ?

    Everything she says, everything she makes, to me is some miracle, I can't take my eyes of her. I love to look at her making her homeworks, cooking, sleeping, making laundry, and I absolutely love listening to her stories.
    But today, I don't know why, she got upset at me.

    « Are you listening to me ? » She said after she talked about some girl that was pissing her off.

    And then, I totally don't know why, but she started screaming at me, it wasn't the first time she gets pissed at me for no reasons, but I never really understood why.
    In these moments, I was just listening to her screaming at me and apologizing, trying to stay calm.

    But this day, there was something different...
    Something forced me to scream at her too....
    Something totally took control of myself...
    that was weird.


    And then she looked at me with round eyes, I swear they were perfectly round. And then, I think I saw myself take in fire, burn, and about to disappear.

    She started yelling and screaming so much that she could've almost have made me depht! I think my hairs totally ripped of my head on how hard she screamed at me.

    And then, I guess I've done the weirdest thing I've could've done to her,

    « YOU'RE SO HOT WHEN YOU'RE ANGRY !!! » and kissed her.

    I couldn't believed I said that, that was just totally disgusting from me to say that, I mean, I never ever used such words to talk to my girlfriend.
    And the worst, is that she liked it.
    We made love.

    It happened in 1999, we were both young and stupid.

    And now today, I'm here, wondering what happened, 11 years later, I am now 28.
    I already heard about PMS, but I never tought mans could have them.

    Anyways, now I am older, and we are still together, she is pregnant, and everything she makes is beautiful.