• Jack suddenly felt a buzz come from the demote that was on his table,the strange device resembled a cellphone but when opened all you saw was red dots that stood for demons. Jack flicked it opened and saw red dot going towards the subway.

    "Crap, that damn thing is in the subway tunnel,come on Simon we need to go before it starts making trouble."He stood up and grabbed his sword and touched his chest with a clear spear shaped crystal.

    Simon nodded his head and grabbed his backpack,"All right but we better hurry this up before the sun rises that's for sure."He walked through the mirror and stood in the back alley,he looked around and ran towards the subway,he was glad that no one could see them.

    Jack ran after him holding his sword and avoiding bumping into people on the street,he walked down the flight of stairs and saw Simon already there waiting for him,he turned to look at the demon,its body red and its eyes pure white though the demon was wearing an overcoat to hide the symbol all demons carried and the one they had to hit for it to be sent back to hell.

    Simon hurried inside the subway and stood there looking for any sign of people,he sighed glad there wasn't and turned to face the demon,"Hey I think its time for you to go home,"He took out his claymore holding it in front of him.

    The demon roared at them standing on its hind legs and clawed at the ground looking for a sign to escape,"Fire Hunters," it growled their name in burning hatred and charged at them.