• Morning was terrible. I woke up to see a monstrous being. A green monster with green eyes and a long yellow tail full of scales. Its ear was pierced with golden nails and a big ring. Bloody claws were jutting from its slim fingers.
    “Ouch—watch it!” I shout at the horrible beast. It bumped me purposely as we walked out of the school door. Lenschi came too, we were hostages and nobody else cared because they were hypnotized by the monsters medusa eyes.
    “It’s ok” Lenschi pats my head, his voice annoyingly cheerful. “Today is suppose to be a fun day, so enjoy it”
    “Yes, Lenschi knows what he’s talking about!” Mal grins. Yes, that’s right; Mal is the evil green monster.
    “Oh whatever” I crossed my arms, practically stomping during the whole walk to the gate that showed we’re leaving campus grounds. Mal’s long, yellow scaled scarf kept whipping at my arm so much that I swore it was alive.
    The school gate opened and we headed out. There was a boy that ran towards us. His blue hair was tousled and he was out of breath. I couldn’t help but notice his ocean colored eyes that glimmered under the sun. He looked so young, sweet. But it was obvious that he was older than me. Just like everyone else was. Then I remembered where I saw him from—he was there when I first came to this world. He was the one that followed Mal when she left out of frustration. Just as he arrived, Lenschi had to take off somewhere, I don’t know where though. Mal was disappointed that he left, so she took her anger out on the boy.
    “What took you so long?” Mal asked. She sounded really demanding. Her eyes narrowed as if she was his master and he her slave.
    “You didn’t tell me you were leaving” he replied. His tone wasn’t angry at her, or even the least bit annoyed. Just—well, apologetic.
    She broke off eye contact. It was almost like looking at him hurt her eyes. “I told you yesterday that we were going to leave at ten”
    Wow, now that’s a monster. Her personality changed so quick—from flirty cute, to evil devil. I feel so bad for the boy. He must be her…shohn? Weirer?
    “Sorry” he rubs the back of his head with his hand and smiles nervously.
    Mal doesn’t even say anything back. She just walks off with steam coming out of her head. “Go do whatever you want. My day is ruined—I’m going to go look for Lenschi” she says without turning back.
    I c**k my head to the side. After minutes of silence, I turned to the blue haired boy. “So, uh, what’s your name? Are you a um…shohn?”
    He smiles faintly at me. “Yes and…no”
    I c**k my head to the side again, super confused. “What do you mean by that? Are you saying your both weirer and shohn?”
    This time he laughs….quietly. He seems really shy and, in a way, fragile. “Yea. I’m a meld”
    Meld? That’s a word that I didn’t learn from the elders or anyone else. I guess I’ll just have to act stupid. “I forgot what that meant” I laughed nervously. “What’s a meld again?”
    He smiles, believing me. He doesn’t even make fun of me either. It was like there was no mean bone in his body. “A meld is when you are both weirer and shohn. Some melds have split minds, like two different personality, but some have the same mind so they don’t act any different. That means that I have two different powers too”
    “Like a twain” I added, feeling smart.
    “Yea, like a twain”
    We both smiled at each other. He’s so nice, just like Ellisia! He even had the same fair skin as her. It was like they were related. There was a strange glint in his eyes. “Oh yea,” I said, “What was your name again? Mines Illie”
    “Mines—” he shut his eyes tight suddenly and when he opened it he said with a mischievous grin, “Bel”
    Wow, that’s a pretty name. It matches him really well. “I wish I had a name like that” I really did.
    Bel chuckles—it wasn’t the quiet laugh he did before, but more alive, more outgoing. His smile didn’t look like a smile from an innocent kid. It was bigger and brighter. To me he looked like the age he’s suppose to look like. But it was too different. I don’t know, maybe it’s just my mind playing tricks on me, but I think he changed. Before he was shy and now he’s—more open. Or is it just me? I’ve only talked to Bel for a few minutes. It’s not like I know the guy.
    “Hey, now that Mal is gone…” he said her name with absolute disgust “Lets get to know each other more” his eyes flashed wickedly and I knew he changed.
    And then I realized why he acted differently. He had said earlier that some melds have split personality so that means…
    “Hey princess,” he picks me up, knees bent. “Ever wanted to fly?”
    I gulped, afraid to answer.
    He grins big, staring at the sky like a hawk eyeing its prey. Before I knew it, he pushed off the ground and we projected into the air. I screamed with my arms wrapped around his shoulders. Bel laughed. He’s enjoying being in the air. We were up sooo high, it was like we were really flying…
    “WE’RE FALLING!” I shout in his ear. The gliding lasted for about ten seconds. Now we’re plummeting towards the ground; slowly at first, but getting faster.
    Bel laughed at my cries and said, “That’s because you’re heavy!”
    I head butted him. “I thought you could fly, you’re a failure!”
    “I don’t fly” he shouts. That’s the only way we could hear each other since the wind was cutting off our voices. “I never said I’m a flyer! Those are for shohns and I’m a weirer. My other side is a shohn. He does illusions. I can change my body’s weight so I could be as heavy as I want or as light as I want without looking any different”
    My eyes were watery. “I don’t care what you do—just don’t get us killed! And if we survive this fall, I’m coming for your head!”
    Bel looks at me in the eyes, a reassuring gaze. So he was more dangerous than his other personality, at least he wasn’t murderous. But when I looked down, the were buildings so close. I could imagine it being my death stone.
    “BEL!" I screech, he chuckles, and the hard wood of the building was only one second away.
    part 12