• I look around and see nothing but black. Tears role down my face out of pain. The pain comes from my back; it feels as if something was ripped off. The smell of smoke fills my nose, sounds of blazing fire and horrid screams rupture my ears. My body is covered in sweat from the surrounding intense heat. My arms are behind my back locked with shackles that freeze my arm. My vision slightly returns. I see fire around me but it’s still a blur. In front of me I see a man-like figure. Then I hear a ghastly voice. It says, “Goodbye.”

    I awoke to be found in a soft bed with white conferter and pillows. There is a aroma of cinnamon in the air. I look around and to see I'm in a girls room. I notice on the dresser a picture. I got out of bed, being half naked, and walked up to it. In the picture is a cute girl, she has short brunette hair and green eyes. Next to here is an older boy, he has brown hair and green eyes like hers. I look at my white hair and looked into the mirror on the dresser at my red eyes.

    The door opened and I quickly set down the picture back down. I turned to see the same girl that was in the picture but a bit taller. She came in and set down some clothes on the bed and looked at me.

    "Breakfast is almost ready, get dressed and come to the kitchen o.k." she spoke gently and walked away from the room. When she left I quickly put on the undergarments, jeans, and red shirt she set down; they were a little big on me. Once I was done I went into the dinning room.

    There was a wooden, rectangular table with four chairs, on the table was eggs, bacon, toast, and other typical breakfast foods. The girl was already sitting down eating, so i sat down and looked at the food. I took bite of the bacon and realized how hungry i was, quickly, i started eating it all.

    I looked up to see the girl starring at me.

    "Sorry." i said in addmission to guilt, feeling bad of my table manners.

    She giggles and askes in a sweet tone, "So, whats your name?"

    When she asked me this i felt weird, she didnt even know who i was yet i'm inside her house.

    "My name is Zack." I answer quietly, feeling a bit nervous.

    -To Be Continued...maybe