• Dancing In The Forest

    Once upon a time there was a little girl named kagami who lived in japan. She loved to dance. Sometimes she would get so lost with the movement that she would dance from her house to the village without even noticing.

    Then one day, when dawn was upon the sky, she did it again but this time she danced deep into the forest. So Kagami tryed to find her way home but an hour went by and she started to get scared and lonely.

    After minutes, that seemed like hours, she gave up sat under a tree and started crying. Kagami stopped when she saw a beautiful light coming closer and closer to her. When it was close enough she could it was a wooden japanese doll. The doll said "Don't be scared, I'm here to help. I can sense you have a pure heart full of love and passion. I heard you crying that your lost. So I will help you get out of this forest." And with that a magical, sparkling light started surrounding Kagami. She closed her eyes because the light was so bright and when she opened them she was at the edge of the forest.

    She knew where she was know because her grandma and her would always so to the edge to the forest to pick blueberries. Kagami wanted to thank the doll but when she turned around she saw nothing but the dark, deep, forest. But she didn't care. All she cared about was going home . When she got home, her mom gave her a big hug and Kagami told her everything that had happened.

    I next day, Kagami went to the forest with her mom and tryed to find the doll but she couldn't find her. But she always tryed everyday to find her and everyday she would dance in forest hoping that, even if the doll didn't come out, that she would be watching Kagami's beautiful dance.