What if dreams could accurately tell the future? Would you rather know what it was and be hurt or just wait it out in suspense?

    .:{{Dream in Arisa's Perspective}}:.

    Humid...moist...it was so stuffy. I could feel sweat beads running down my forehead and my chest and my back. Why was it so hot where I was at? The air was so thick with heat and steam; it was almost difficult to breathe evenly. But yet, in the midst of all of the discomfort, I was relaxed. Every muscle in my body was relaxed. My eyes were shut lightly and my arms were at my side.

    It was when my eyes opened that I could notice why it was so humid in the room. I was in the shower, standing at one corner where the water wasn't falling. An odd place for me to usually stand but perhaps I wanted to escape the hot water. A towel was already wrapped around me from my chest and it fell down just below my hips. Wearing a towel in the shower? I was treating the bathroom more as a sauna than a shower. Either way, I was still calm and relaxed.

    "Kai, could you get me some clothes?" I asked somewhat loud, knowing he could probably hear me anyways.

    After a long moment of silence, I sighed and figured Kai hadn't heard me. I closed my eyes and when I opened them up again, I was wrapped in my clean white robe and the water of the shower had been shut off. Standing in the middle of the shower, a chill crept up my spine and caused my shoulders to shudder. Something seemed eerie and uncomfortable with the aura. Slowly, my hand reached for the handle of the shower door and I slid it open cautiously.

    "Arisa," a gentle, alluring voice whispered.

    I paused for a moment and observed the scenery around me. As soon as I had stepped out of the shower, I was standing in the middle of the field. I turned around and the shower was gone; I was in the middle of a field with nothing but my robe on. The grass reached up to my thighs and the trees were far in the distance and there was a gentle end-of-spring breeze blowing through. Shortly behind me were a few majestic mountains, beautiful in every form with hills surrounding the mountains and fields. I finally looked ahead of me and, just several short feet away, was the one man I had ever come to fall for. He was so beautiful in the bright sunlight with the wind tussling his hair.

    "Kai," I breathed a sigh of relief. "Where are we?"

    "Europe," he mumbled. "I'm leaving you."

    I stopped my breathing; he said it so suddenly. Normally, he would hesitate whenever he would say something so upfront. My knees started shaking after finally absorbing what he was saying. My hands covered my mouth and I shook my head, not taking my eyes off of Kai.

    I swallowed the lump in my throat, "Y-you're joking, right? We're just on vacation, aren't we?"

    He shook his head with red in his eyes, "No, the contract is doing its deed. I can no longer be with you."

    I laughed nervously, "You're funny, Kai,"

    "Don't even start that again!" Kai blustered, clenching his fists and looking down. "Don't! Just shut up!"

    My heart stopped and I stepped back an inch or two. I couldn't believe what he was saying to me, and what he was doing. I was in Europe? He was leaving me?

    "Y-you're coming back, right?" I squeaked. "It's just temporary, right?"

    Kai inched his way over to me and the fingertips of his left hand gently pressed against my right cheek and he stared at me deeply with his still-red eyes, "This isn't how I desired for it to end either, Arisa,"

    "I-is it because I haven't gone all the way with you? Are you leaving me because of that?" I refused to believe the contract was taking over him.

    "Yes, that's part of it,"

    Those words instantly plunged a daggar through my chest. I knew it; I knew he was angry with me for not having the guts to make love to him. The promise I was keeping to myself was a burden on Kai; if he would have told me it was a burden, I'd gladly do anything he would want.

    "We-we can do it now before you leave," I choked on the tears brimming my eyes.

    "You've been granted more than enough opportunities," he averted his eyes. "You continuously allow me to do as I please and you suddenly back down. You aways keep me hanging and waiting and, frankly, I'm becoming impatient. Honestly, I'm convinced you don't love me as much as you say you do."

    "Th-that's frivolous," I stuttered, on the verge of sobbing. "I-I don't know what stops me."

    Once I looked up again after Kai didn't respond, he was already fifty feet away from me and he kept walking away. I stood still for another moment until my feet finally picked up momentum and started running after Kai. The tears were finally streaming down my burning cheeks as I continued to run over to Kai with my hand extended. It was all over; the contract was in effect and Kai was leaving me as he promised.

    "No, Kai!" I cried out. "Come back!"

    Even though I was sprinting, he was still getting so far away when he was merely walking. His back was the last thing I wanted to see; I wanted to see his face and bring him back with me. I continuously called out his name but it was all in vain; he ended up disappearing in the distance. I stopped what I was doing and I dropped to my knees and started sobbing. I was alone in the middle of Europe after Kai just so suddenly dropped me out of his life. My life was over; I lost Kai and I was alone. I didn't want to lose anybody else dear to me but it seemed as though I just lost everybody. There was no trace of anybody I knew.

    "Come back..." I mumbled and started sobbing again.

    I felt a scathing sting coming from my throat and I pressed my hand against it. As soon as I pulled my hand away, blood dripped off of my fingers. I cupped both of my hands over my throat but it was no use; the blood was seeping in between my fingers and I could even feel blood coming out of unexplainable gashes on my back. I released a scream of agony as soon as the pain finally reached me completely. I was suffering alone, I was dying and Kai was nowhere near to save me. But why would I worry about him? He was the one who abandoned me, he was the one suffering because of me...

    With an audible gasp breaking out of my chest, I flung myself up off my pillow. My face had been buried in the pillow; I was hardly breathing the whole time. I ran my hands through my hair and curled up in a ball, facing the headboard. I practiced deep breathing and continuously reminded myself that it was another dream; but that wasn't a nightglare, was it? Minoru wasn't in it...

    The door to the bedroom creaked open and I whipped around to see Kira lightly step into the bedroom. I sighed and turned back around so my back was towards him. Kira approached me cautiously and gently placed a friendly hand against my shoulder. I looked over at him and there were tears pooling in my eyes. Kira sat on the bed right next to me and embraced me in a friendly manner and that was when I released my agony.

    "It's okay, Arisa, it's a dream," Kira whispered. Although he couldn't read my mind, it was obvious I had just woken up from a dream.

    "I know, but..." I sniffed, "part of it could be true."

    Kira pulled me back and wiped away a couple of tears with his index finger, "What was it about?"

    "Kai, he left me in Europe. We were in the middle of nowhere and he suddenly says that he's leaving me." I inhaled deeply. "I-I refused to believe that, so I asked him if he was leaving because I wouldn't go all the way with him." I squeezed my eyes shut and pressed my fist against my forehead. "He said that was part of it."

    Kira pressed his cheek against the top of my head and rubbed my back, "That's definitely a dream; Kai would never do that."

    "How do you know, though?" I said with a shaky voice. "How do you not know if all he's wanted was to get inside of me?"

    Kira pulled me back again and stared at me with reassurance, "Because he's had to go through that pain with Ayame; she donned a guise and fell into a relationship with Kai just for her pleasure. Kai has experienced that pain personally. He suffered greatly from that; he wouldn't want anybody else venturing through the same thing."

    I wiped away a tear, feeling a little bit of reassurance, "I-I didn't think about that," my heart started to ache at the next question. "Did he ever truly love her?"

    Kira pursed his lips together and thought for a moment, "I suppose you could say he was in love with her at one point, but their love was...odd. It was nothing like the love you and Kai have. Kai has never been happier than he has been with you; he was mostly neutral while with Ayame."

    "So then...I don't have to worry about him leaving me on purpose?"

    "Of course not," Kira smiled. "I have my little brother back again after nearly forty years."

    I started thinking for a long moment and looked down again, "What will he do if I'm sent away? What will he do if I die?"

    Kira went silent and he sighed, "I'd rather not think about that,"

    "This will all end, though, right?" I leaned my head against Kira's chest, feeling secure in his arms. "The contract will all turn out to be a big joke, right?"

    Kira sighed and only leaned his head against the top of mine again. I started thinking back to my dream and how everything in it changed so suddenly. I rubbed my neck, feeling the shadow pain of the lacerations across my throat. It wasn't a nightglare...but it was close. It just seemed like a mix between a nightmare and a nightglare. Did anybody else but Kai and I know I was having such dreams?

    The dream I just had didn't make me suspicious of Kai at all, but it made me fear the future. Was he truly going to abandon me in such a manner? Was it going to be too late for us to move forward in our relationship before the end?