• Part 4: A waitress tells us to die

    What would you do if a waitress walked up to you and asked you if you wanted to die?

    "Chloe, what are we doing here?" Sarah asked as we walked into a burger place. We were all pretty hungry, but we didnt want to show it. We didn't want to show our punyness.
    "Well, we haven't eaten in like, 8 hours." I reminded them both. "And I-"
    Just then I got a call.
    I looked at them weirdly and answered it.
    "Hello, Chloe. I will come to talk to you soon. Stay at the burger palace." The soothing voice said. I almost just slept then, because it was so soothing.
    "It's a burger place. Not palace." I stated rudely to the woman on the phone. "Who is this?"
    'Whatever." The woman said. "My name is not presentable at the moment. Stay at the burger place. And dont get caught."
    "Caught by what?" I sneered, but the woman was already gone, and I closed the phone and put it in my pocket.
    Eric looked at me with a weird look on his face, and smiled crookedly. He didn't ask, thank god. Sarah sat down at a table already and we sat down in the booth. She stood up and walked in the booth. We still didn't know our powers yet, but we were pretty sure of Erics. I already knew my evilness from Ares, but I didn't know what my power from Athena was yet, and Sarah knew what her power was, wind, rain, clouds, and lightning.
    The kinky waitress came up to us. She smiled a cracked smile reading, 'What do these snots want?' The woman had a chipped tooth, and she pretty much showed it off. Her blonde hair was nothing comparedto the brown roots, and she had the weirdest voice. "Can I help yous guys?"
    Bad Grammar.
    "Ummm, yeah, can I have some-"
    "Do you have money?" The squeaky voice asked. "Or would you like to be killed right now?"
    It took me a minute to register that. There was no one else in the building, she looked like a monster and she asked us if we wanted to die right then and there.
    "Ummm-" Sarah whispered over my shoulder. "I think we should go."
    "Sarah," Eric said. "I could beat this chic into a pulp. Chill."
    Oh, yeah, we could chill.