• There is a dark legend behind the creation of man. The Ancients a people who saw this man discovered a truth set in motion far from their time. This once great race had to decide whether or not to tell the rest of the people about this man. Here is how the legend went.
    In the time before creation a spirit formed. Legend has it that this spirit came from the darkness itself. Whether he was good or evil was not known. And it watched as man made civilization and established its way of life. And when the time was right the spirit came down to earth and took a human body. There it waited until the body was ready and it formed the body to its form.
    This man became invincible and unbeatable at everything. He spawned many a great warrior in his time but he had to disappear at a certain human age to hide the fact that he could not be killed by any ordinary foe. When the man reached the age of twenty he suddenly disappeared leaving a lineage to some of the greatest forms of life known to mankind.
    The Ancients held this man as a hidden prophecy that would one day return to Earth to bring about the survival of the planet in the far future. This is the story of what happened when he returned to earth. During the twenty first century a teenage American boy who was almost eighteen when he began to feel a change within him and this is how he came to be the savior of the Earth.