• Amy: "Come on, Lass! Hurry up!"
    Shikata: "I'm coming! GAWD!"
    Amy: "Whew. Let's take a break really Fast, okay?"
    Shikata: "Whatever."
    (Shikata and Amy sit in a tree's shadow)
    (Morte is being posessed by an evil spirit)
    Evil Spirit: "I'm coming to get you!"
    Shikata: "Eh?"
    Evil Spirit: "I'm coming to get you! MUHAHAHAHA!"
    (Shikata closes her eyes and pulls out her dager and slashes at Amy)
    (Amy dodges Shikata's attack)
    (Shikata Opens her Eyes and sees Amy)
    Shikata: "Amy?"
    Amy: "I'm NOT Amy! Hehehe!"
    Shikata: "But......"
    (Shikata closes her eyes and sees the evil spirit when she opens her eyes)
    Shikata: "I KNEW something was wrong with Morte!!!"
    Narator: "To be continued"