• The man we found wasn’t really that heavy but it took us longer to get home than if I weren’t carrying him. When we got home my mother came around from the back, where she was taking care of the garden, my mother tends to act like a human, and she saw what I was carrying.
    “You should know the rules!” she scolded me. ”No humans! What if he saw you? Maybe that’s why he’s out cold.”
    “But momma,” Clarice said,” we found him like that.”
    “I don’t want anything out of you, all the humans you invite over to dinner.”
    “It’s true, Jasmine. I was with them.” Flare said from behind me.
    “Oh, Flare, I didn’t see you.”
    “That doesn’t matter right now, this man needs help. He was half insane when we found him.”
    “Get him inside.” My mother said warily
    I took him inside and put him on the couch, then I went into the kitchen, our mother usually cooks but I make a delicious soup. By the time I finished making the soup; Clarice was calling me back because the man was waking up.
    I walked in with a bowl of the soup, placed it on the table, and sat in my little corner before the man had completely woken up.
    His eyes opened and he sat up. “W…where am I? Who are you?” He directed this toward my sister. This was best because she was the only one of any of us who could speak the human language. I could understand him but I was still learning how to speak the language from Clarice.
    “My name is Clarice,” she said. Then she pointed at me, “that’s my brother, Charly”
    “That’s your brother?” he asked, “Is he even human?”
    “Yes, he is”
    “Doesn’t look like it. You two don’t even look related.”
    I glared at my sister, “Don’t tell him.”
    “What was that?” the man asked. “What did he say?”
    “Oh, it was nothing.” Clarice replied.
    “But, what was all that grunting?”
    “That’s our language; he doesn’t know that much English.”
    “Yes. You see, were not completely human.”
    “CLARICE!” I roared, “I said NOT TO TELL HIM!” My outburst made both of them jump and Clarice’s eyes started to tear.
    “I’m sorry, Charly,” she sobbed, “I forgot.”
    “How could you forget? I just told you! I’ll talk to him. You go to your room”
    “But you barely know any English.”
    “I know enough.”
    She walked out of the room and I listened as she stomped up the stairs. I turned to the man. “W… what’s y…y…your n…na…name?” I stuttered in English.
    “My name is Connor. And yours is Charly?”
    “Y…yes. Wh…where are you f…from?
    “I come from far away. Trust me you don’t know the place. Where am I?”
    “Forest. There’s a town n…nearby. Soup?”
    “Oh, yes, thanks.”
    “H…how did y…you get here?”
    “Now that’s a long story.”
    “Wi…will you tell?”
    “Sure. Well, you see --”
    “Hold on. Let me g…get the others” I got up and walked to the stairs. “Come down and get chairs for mom and Flare.” I told Clarice. Then I went outside. My mother and flare were talking to each other. As I walked to them they turned to me.
    “How is he?” mother asked.
    “He’s awake.” I answered “he’s going to tell us how he got here.”
    “We’ll have to pretend that we’re yours.”
    “No, Clarice told him.”
    “That little girl of yours is big trouble, Jas” Flare told her.
    We walked back inside to find Clarice sit beside Connor. She had set up two chairs for mother and Flare. I sat in my corner seat. “Okay, we’re ready” I told him. So he started his story.