• Chapter Two
    “My… My mom’s a what?!” I asked. My Dad was pulling me to our house. He didn’t answer me straight away, so I kept on bothering him, ignoring all the curious looks we had on us.
    I tried very hard not to slip on the snow that lay on the ground and it was very hard, especially when my dad was pulling me so hard, I could just lift my legs and he’d still pull me after him.
    “Dad!” I yelled. “Dad what’s going on? Dad?!”
    He didn’t answer, he just pulled me harder.
    “Dad!” I yelled. I could swear some snow fell off the trees. He looked back at me, giving me a bitter look and pulled me even harder.
    I stayed silent for the time being. I knew he was going to explain everything to me when we would get home. I just let him pull me and glared at every person that stared.
    No I am not being abused, mind your own! My look said. Every each person turned their heads away, a bit startled.
    He opened the door and pushed me inside. He didn’t even bother closing the door with the key, he just told me, “Go pack yourself.”
    “What?” I exclaimed. “Dad, what’s happening?”
    “I’ll explain you everything on the way. Pack all your clothes, hygiene products and everything else you want. You are going to stay there for a long time.”
    “Stay where? Dad!” I said as he walked into his office, shutting the door behind him. I stood in front of it for a moment, until he told me to go pack up again.
    “Alright! Geez!” I said, turning away and skipped up stairs to my room.
    I took out my black bag on wheels and another black bag that looked like a stereo. I stuffed the first one with shirts, jeans of different colors, hoodies and hygiene products, while the other one I put my lap top, camera, phone, iPod, PSP, CDs and books.
    I pulled them down the stairs, praying for my lap top not to break, every time it hit another step for, even though the bag was to be carried, my arms were already exhausted because of the bag with wheels, therefore I just pulled the other bag on the stairs as well.
    I finally got to the main floor and sighed with relief. I couldn’t fit everything, so I put a lot of clothes on myself. I had on dark green skinny jeans, three black belts, a grey t-shirt and a black Hello Kitty tank top on it, a black jacket and over it a yellow hoodie. I waved at my face to make it a bit cooler. I looked in the mirror and corrected the big pink bow that was in my black hair.
    I heard my Dad clear his throat. I looked at him as he stood in the hallway, in his jacket, holding the door open. I frowned.
    “Could you now tell me where we are going?” I asked, attempting to pick my luggage up, but failing. He rushed over to my side and picked up my bag, while I pulled the other one on its wheels.
    “In the car, honey. Now, please, hurry up.” He said, pushing me gently out of the doors. He locked them while I was already by the car. He jogged up to me and opened the back of the car and threw my bags into it, then pushed me into the passenger seat.
    He jumped into the car and started the engine.
    “Soo?” I encouraged him. He gazed at me with the corner of his eye.
    “Your mother isn’t dead.” He said. I stared at him, letting him speak. “Actually, she was never alive.”
    “What?!” I gasped, but snapped my mouth shut and let him speak. I tried not to think of the worst. For example, something like, me being an experiment that was bred out of one man.
    “And… you were bred from… two women.” He said, frowning.
    My mouth dropped and hit my knees. Now I was completely confused.
    He looked at me. “Let me explain to you.”
    I swallowed loudly and leaned in my seat.
    He took a deep breath and started explaining. “When I was your age, I got a message from Hermes. You know the Greek mythology. Hermes was half God and worked for Zeus. So, he sent me a message that I was to breed a child of Nyx and Athena. I know this may sound… wrong to you, however they never meant it in this sense. The took my hormones and created you with their power. You were to be created based on them and be sort of a bond between our world and the one above us.”
    “So… basically I’m half Goddess?” I asked, slowly, trying to settle everything in my head.
    “Yes, that’s basically it.” He said.
    We sat in silence for a moment. I touched my forehead and realized I was sweating. I took my jacket and hoodie off and sighed in my seat.
    “And… where are we going now?” I asked him, my voice cracking.
    “To a special school that I signed you up at when you were four.” He said.
    “Uhm… what school? I was perfectly fine in my last one.” I said, frowning. Just when my school life got better – I got good grades, a boyfriend and I was getting more popular each day – I had to move schools. That’s just my luck.
    “That school is made especially for kids of God’s and Goddesses. It’s an International School, only one in the world”
    “So, there are more of us?!” I exclaimed.
    “Of course! There are lots of other Gods and most of the time they have a lot of children. I don’t know about your mothers.”
    “Mothers….” I repeated. I looked out of the window with unbelief.
    “I know how this may sound to you, but please, respect your mothers.” He said.
    I breathed out a sound of outrage. “So, what… you had a threesome?”
    I expected him to stop the car and throw me out, but he just glared.
    “We didn’t have any sexual experiences.” He stated.
    “Uhm… so how did you do it, operation?” I asked. I knew I was annoying him, but I just had to take out my frustration.
    “Kia, your mother is a Goddess.”
    “Oh, finally you’re speaking in singular term.” I said, looking back out of the window, examining the cars that we passed, covered by a thick quilt of fluffy snow.
    “Kia, you must accept it. You aren’t fully human. The thing that happened in church is less than one percent of the things you are able to do. You are able to… I don’t know, heal people with deadly sicknesses, clear the air out of carbon dioxide and a lot more! Kia, you should be proud of whom you are and the people who let you be the way you are now.”
    I stared at him and covered my forehead with my hand again – a gesture I do when I’m really confused or when I try to understand something impossible, just like now.
    “I am still kind of freaked out about the fact that my mothers were lesbian.”
    He chuckled. “Your mothers weren’t lesbian, they didn’t love each other and they didn’t love me either. They love you, however. You were always protecting you from above, and now they finally decided that you were mature enough to know everything. And I am the one who is to start you off. The rest of the information you are to gain are to be collected in your new school.”
    I nodded slowly, my eyebrows high on my forehead. “Uh… ok, and how far is this new school?”
    “Oh, we’ll be there in about…” he looked at the clock. It was twelve already. “We’ll arrive at about nine.”
    I sighed. “Great… then, good day, I’m going to sleep.” I said, closing my eyes.
    “Sweet dreams.” He said before I fell into my own, dark world.

    I slept dreamlessly and when I opened my eyes, I had a killer headache. It was dark already and the moon was only a thin line, like somebody scratched the sky and you could only peek into the other side.
    “You’re awake.” My dad stated.
    I nodded and stretched. “How much longer are we going to drive?” I asked.
    “About twenty minutes.” He said. I sighed and stared out of the window. We were in some country and there were barely any buildings. The fields were covered with snow and in some places you could see shadows of dead agricultural machines.
    “Where is this school, in the middle of the forest or what?” I asked.
    “You guessed right.” He said. I looked at him with wide eyes.
    “Great…” I sighed.
    “Don’t worry, there is a bus going to the nearest town, it has a mall and Subway.”
    “At least this dump has that…” I muttered.
    My dad shook his head. We suddenly were consumed by darkness. The only light came from the car lamps.
    “Wow, this place really is in the middle of the forest.” I said, turning the little light on the ceiling of the car.
    “We’re nearly there.” He said. I sighed. “What is it? You were sighing a lot recently.”
    “Well, I just dislike changing schools.” I said. He raised one brown eyebrow. “You never know what kind of people there might be… all of them might end up hating me or loving me, nobody knows.”
    He chuckled lightly. “I’m sure you’ll find a lot of friends.” He said and made a sharp turn. We drove in silence for some time, then we suddenly could see golden light.
    “Are we here?” I asked. He nodded. He stopped the car. I quickly got out and had to take a few steps backwards to see the full height of the tall wall that stood in front of me. It was brick or some other stone. On the top I saw fire torches and some mew walking from one side to the other.
    “Where is the entrance?” I asked.
    “Follow me.” I heard an unfamiliar male voice. I looked toward it and saw a young man, holding a fire torch. He was smiling and something told me he expected me. He had two other men standing behind him. They looked like guards of some sort.
    I looked back at my dad and he was giving my bags to two other men.
    He smiled at me. I walked up to him and hugged.
    “Take care, honey.” He said, hugging me back and tapping my head.
    I let go of him and walked up to the men. I looked back once again and saw him, leaning against his car and looking at me. He waved to me and I waved back.
    That was the last time I saw my dad.