• In a plane of existence, somewhere the eye cannot behold, for the land is scarce with happiness or feeling, lays a structure. It pulses with dark energy as the eerie magic ebbs around the stone walls within revealing a labyrinth. No mortal dares enter it, for none are seen ever again. The maze itself stretches as far as the eye can see, with its many corridors crossing everywhere the mind can imagine.

    Amongst the hallowed halls of this labyrinth of terror also lies some of the most vile and terrible creatures from the deepest realms of the Earth. Are they vampires? Nobody knows for sure. They might've been vampires, but their minds have grown demented, along with their outwardly appearance, giving the shape of frightful monsters, instead of normal denizens of the night.

    What happened to these creatures to cause them to become such demented creatures, nobody knows. However, travelers every now and again cannot help themselves to a little bit of exploration. The legends tell them to leave, but they find it even more interesting to explore.

    This leads to a tale of a group of teenagers whom decided to enter the maze for themselves; those souls will feel the tormented wrath of a forsaken place that no human should dare cross into.

    "Come on! What are you so scared of?" Ben had insisted.

    It was near noon, and four young adults had been riding in a car since the sun had risen. Ben, the leader of the group, was an average human around the age of seventeen. He had found out about the legend of a labyrinth up the road that seemed to be forsaken. The rest of the group had known to stay well clear of that place, but Ben had other plans. He continued to insist on his friends in joining him in exploring the area, just to prove that legend false.

    "We could all die?" Cindy explained.

    Cindy was the average young adult. She had always worn pink, from her hair to her feet. Despite what Ben was assuring, Cindy seemed to be the only one that needed to be convinced.

    "Impossible. The legends of that maze says that you would go mad finding the exit, but if you make it out, then what? If you ask me, the only thing to fear is-"

    "Shut up, Raven, we do not need an analogy from you!" Ben shouted.

    Out of the group of friends, Raven seemed to be the only one that was different. He wore entirely different attire than his friends. Ben seemed to be the only one who continued to scoff at Raven every time he made a remark. Deep down, Raven despised him, but without him, Raven would be nothing but an outcast, plus Ben has saved his life on more than one occasion.

    Sitting silently in the back was another young person by the name of Trevor. Trevor seemed to be the only one who did not know too much besides guns and women. The young man did know about how to please a woman, but lacked the intelligence to get farther than first glance. Usually, Trevor would be one for boasting, but he himself seemed fearful of this labyrinth that the group was headed to.

    After about an hour of driving, the car had finally arrived at the maze. The whole area seemed eerie and silent, almost mystical. As the group left the car, Raven had a sudden feeling like the place was not normal at all. Quickly, Raven turned his focus back on Ben, whom had already made his way to the trunk of the car.

    "Okay, if these legends are really real about this place, then we will need some weapons to fend off from attacks. Raven, why don't you choose first?" Ben explained, motioning Raven to the stash of weapons in his trunk.

    Cautiously, Raven wandered to the trunk, then Ben opened it, revealing a various assortment of firearms and daggers. Raven looked around quickly before finding a katana. He grabbed it and two handguns before backing away. Raven watched as everybody else equipped for this place. As Raven examined the stone exterior deeply, he then felt a sharp sting flow through him. Very faintly, Raven heard a strange voice in a raspy tone say, "Abandon the humans, live to your potential" before fading away into oblivion.

    "Okay, guys, since we all have our guns, we will be ready in case anything tries to harm us. Let's go!" Ben ordered, motioning the group to follow him.

    Raven watched back at the car as he saw his last glimpse of it before turning back to the group. Cautiously, Raven walked ahead of Ben, into the maze. Ben scowled at him for going ahead, but Raven continued to walk ahead.

    "Damn, Raven, I didn't know you were in a hurry to die. Wait for us, for a change." Ben called forward.

    Raven didn't care. All he had cared for was to see just what was on the other side of this accursed place. As the group had finally entered the maze, Raven felt a tremble underneath the soil. Raven turned back to see a giant wall of stone erect from the earth, sealing off the entrance to the maze! Ben stared back at that grim situation before turning to Raven. Cindy started to cry as Trevor quickly grabs hold of her, allowing herself to calm slightly.

    "What do we do now? We can't go back!" Cindy pleaded.

    "We keep going," Raven quickly analyzed.

    Ben looked at Raven with ferocity, and then stared into the long hallway of the labyrinth. Up ahead, the path split into two more hallways. After some thought, Ben assessed the team that they should split up to cover more ground and that they were to all meet here when they had hit a dead end. Raven knew that this was a bad plan. They would die here. He quickly examined the dark hallway again before wandering back with the group.

    "Okay, Cindy and Trevor, you two will take the path that skews off, while Raven and I take the main path." Ben explained.

    The four humans wandered down the desolate hallway. Raven quickly looked above at the sky, examining as dark clouds started to settle in. As they came to the split in the hallway, Raven quickly pointed out a pile of human bones lying in a perfect structure. It had maggots still crawling through the corpse. Cindy quickly had mentioned that whatever creature had killed this thing must still be in this maze. Raven quickly frowned as he had come to the realization that they may be next in this maze of darkness. Panic slowly set in as Raven continued onward, not caring if Ben was following behind him, nor caring what would happen to Trevor or Cindy.

    "Raven, what the heck is your problem? I had to wave them farewell without-" Ben started.

    "Can you feel it?" Raven asked.

    "Feel what?"

    "There is an almost...mystical presence in the air. It seems that this maze may be shifting around."

    "How do you know that?'

    "I felt the ground beneath my feet, Ben."

    "Let's just go. God, you're freaking the ******** out of me."

    Quickly, Raven turned away before readying his sword. Ben started to ask that familiar question (Why did you raise your weapon?) when Ben heard a shrill shriek, a sound only known to banshees. Out from one of the walls, a demonic head peered right at the two of them, then slowly materialized into the maze. Quickly, Raven charged at the beast, being cautious of its mouth, which seemed to be dripping blood. Wary of that detail, Raven slashed the beast with one swift stroke of his blade before Ben opened fire with his rifle. When Ben had used his gun's ammunition, he quickly withdrew bullets in an attempt to reload the gun. The beast quickly rose in the air, and then started to approach Raven. Finally, Ben blasted the creature's head with one bullet from his handgun, leaving a big hole in the beast's cranium. Raven watched as the creature collapsed in front of him.

    "What the heck was that thing?" Ben asked.

    "I don't know, but it seemed to want me," Raven explained.

    "Why would that thing desire you, and for what?" Ben asked with intense ferocity.

    "Well, lately, I've been hearing these freaky voices in my head. The fact that the creature came here might've been my fault. I think this maze craves my accompaniment."

    "Raven, you're nuts. Yet, if those creatures-"

    "Those creatures are vampires!" Raven bellowed.

    "What? They are not-"

    "They don't look like vampires because this labyrinth has made them grow demented with each passing day. We may be in the domain of a powerful vampire and a powerful demonic presence."

    Ben looked at Raven long and hard before turning away. Ben quickly continued down a hallway before turning right. Raven sighed, and then ran after him. When Raven had rejoined Ben, Ben’s movement or, lack of movement surprised him. Raven quickly looked down the path and saw the hallway split up into numerous separate routes. How were they going to choose the right pathway to get out of this place? Ben then started to walk casually down the hallway, but Raven had noticed Ben's lack of caution in case more of those vampires were to attack them. Ben then shouted to Raven to come see something. Very reluctantly, Raven met with Ben, then saw yet another corpse. This one, however, seemed to be recent, as Raven had noticed that the corpse had only a few maggots crawling over it. The blood that ran from the corpse seemed to have just dried, too. Ben then started to put his hand in the pocket of the corpse, and then procured a wallet. He then took the money that the human had and examined the dead's driver's license:

    "Robert Parker
    Age: 27
    DOB: 14/09/82"

    Ben pocketed the wallet before standing up, only to meet the scowl of Raven.

    "What?" Ben asked.

    "You defiled the dead."

    "So what?"

    "What if the corpse had disease?"

    "If we're going to die, then I should be able to do anything I want," Ben started, walking down the hall, "and that's exactly how I want to die."

    Raven sneered menacingly at Ben before running after him. As Ben neared another split in the pathway, he quickly ducked as another vampire burst through the stone wall. Raven quickly opened fire with both of his handguns as Ben started to fire his semi-automatic weapon at the vampire's chest. Swiftly, Raven dove at the vampire to take a swipe, but the vampire quickly flew out of his range. Then, the creature dove at Raven, tackling him to the ground. Ben started to aim the gun at the creature, intent on killing it, but then lowered his weapon. He watched as the beast impaled Raven's neck with its sharp teeth before Ben walked away.

    Trevor and Cindy were running for their lives, desperately trying to reload as a vampire was hastily flying towards them, intent on killing the humans before they run too far. Trevor then turned to the creature before opening fire with his shotgun before Cindy finished off the creature with her handgun. Trevor kicked the creature in the head before walking away, Cindy towing behind him.

    Up ahead, Trevor noticed three corpses, slightly decayed. Cindy ran up to the corpses, but then lurched backward, before projecting vomit from her mouth on the nearby wall. Trevor held his nose as he examined the dead bodies with his gun before standing up. He quickly grabbed the ailing Cindy before turning away into another hallway.

    "Cindy, are you okay?" Trevor asked, allowing Cindy's head to rest on his shoulder.

    "One of those corpses was my father," Cindy explained.

    Trevor examined the hallway that was laid out before him before turning back to Cindy. Quickly, she stood up straight before firing her gun into the darkness. As the bullet sped across the hallway, a creature bellowed in pain in front of them, revealing it. Trevor opened fire with his shotgun before the creature wailed in defeat. Cindy then walked over, rose her foot, then smashed the dead vampire's head in with her pink shoe heel before walking away.

    As they continued down the ever-expanding labyrinth, Trevor had continued to examine Cindy. After that last encounter with, whatever that thing was, she seemed even more confident with herself. It struck Trevor with curiosity as to how a sweet, innocent girl could be that cruel to that creature, even if that thing was trying to kill them.

    Then, Trevor started to wonder if they would ever make it out alive from this place. Up above seemed to be so distant as if the heavens were mocking him as he begged for freedom. Was this really how he was going to die? No, it wouldn't be. He will make out of here, with Cindy at his side or he will die trying to protect his girlfriend.

    As Trevor neared a crossroad, Trevor quickly noticed something there. It looked like a series of pillars painted black, but they weren't, seeing how they pulsed with energy. Slowly Trevor walked forward, motioning Cindy to stay where she was, for fear of risking her life. As Trevor approached the swirling darkness, a form began to appear before him. Trevor looked with glee as he saw a familiar face.

    "Raven! Oh god, Raven, I am so glad to see you!" Trevor explained.

    Raven did not respond. Slowly, Raven withdrew his katana. Trevor saw this, and then began to back away slowly.

    "Raven, don't you remember? It's me, Trevor! We're buddies!" Trevor explained, trying to reason with Raven.

    Then, Raven opened his mouth, snarling with razor-sharp teeth before he spat out a stream of blood on to the floor while remaining motionless. Slowly, Trevor backed further away as Raven started to approach Trevor. Quickly, Trevor raised his shotgun, but trembled as Raven continually approached in that "death walk" stance. As Trevor was about to pull the trigger, Raven disappeared, and then reappeared in front of him, dismembering his shotgun in half. Then, Raven swiftly approached Cindy, then vanished as he raised his katana. Trevor watched in horror as his girlfriend fell to pieces right before his own eyes. As he watched this horror film, time seemed to stand still. The last piece of what used to be Cindy finally fell to the floor as Trevor rushed to her dismembered carcass, trying to piece her back together with no luck. Then, Trevor slowly tried to find her gun as he had come to the realization that he would need to move on. Raven would be back to kill him if he didn't leave now and Trevor would need to remain alive so he may continue to live his life normally.

    No, life will not return to normal. Every day, he would be mourning the loss of his girlfriend and every night, he would have nightmares of Raven and this terrible maze. His mind was filled with questions as Trevor slowly continued further and further into the maze. What is this place? Where is the end? Would he ever make it out alive? What happened to Ben? Is he still alive? How can I find him again?

    The legends about this place were true, and Trevor knew that Ben had lied to him all along. No, he couldn't have lied! If he had lied to him, then Ben would've known better than to enter this place. What is Ben trying to prove by coming into this place?

    Ben is still alive somewhere and Trevor could feel it. Ben was, after all, his best friend. Despite the way Ben has been recently, Trevor knew that deep down; Ben knew what was best for them. Now, Trevor must find Ben, and then they can work together to finally see the end to this infernal area.

    Trevor slowly approached the archway to a long hallway. As Trevor slowly walked downward, he felt a strong surge of something going through his body. As he tried to resist the urge of death, he spat up some blood before his eyes only showed him a vision of red. He continued to show restrain as he felt another powerful surge enter his body.

    "Why do you resist your own demise?" a voice inside of him said.

    "Ugh, get out of my head!" Trevor screamed, starting to walk down the hall.

    "You all are going to die!" it continued.

    "What the hell are you talking about? Get the hell out of my head!" Trevor screamed, now walking even faster down the hallway.

    "You shall feel our wrath!" the voice said.

    "Get out of my head! Get out of my head!" Trevor shouted, now sprinting as fast as he could down the hallway, not stopping until...

    A gun fired, then Trevor fell backwards to the floor. The figure on the other side of the gun quickly rushed forward. It was Ben! He looked down with dismay at the deed that he had performed. He had shot his best friend!

    Then, Trevor started to speak.

    "Ugh, ouch! That stings!" Trevor spoke, his voice in a low growl.

    "Trevor! Oh dear God, I'm so sorry!" Ben said, his voice in a startled state.

    "I'll be alright. You only shot me in my arm. Got any gum?" Trevor explained.

    "Oh man, I'm so sorry. I thought you were one of those creatures that was attacking me!" Ben spoke quickly.

    "I don't blame ya," Trevor mentioned.

    Ben held out his hand to Trevor, and then helped him to his feet. Slowly, they continued down a path that veered to their right. Ben was glad that he hadn't killed his best friend after all, like he...

    Ben could not think of that horror. Despite how much he didn't like Raven, Ben wanted nothing more than to see Raven alive again. It was this that had reminded Ben of something: Cindy wasn't following Trevor.

    "Hey, where's Cindy?" Ben asked with bewilderment.

    "Dead. Raven killed her," Trevor responded, turning away.

    Ben stopped there. Raven is alive? How could he be alive if Ben had just witnessed one of those mutant vampires tear him apart? Perhaps this place has some mystic power, and this power must've reanimated Raven's spirit somehow. Still, that doesn't explain how Raven could kill if he was just a spirit. That was when Ben had wanted nothing more than to flee from this place just as quickly as they had entered. Coming here was the biggest mistake he had ever made.

    "How could Raven have killed Cindy? I just-" Ben started.

    Ben couldn't mention how he was partly responsible for Raven's death, not yet. Once they were free from this wretched place, only then could he freely tell this grave secret.

    "Nothing," Ben said, "so how did you end up covered in blood, even in your teeth and eyes?"

    "Well, when I had limbered into this long hallway, I started hearing this freaky voice in my head. I cannot remember what it had said, but it drove me completely insane. I really cannot explain why my teeth and eyes had become bloodshot, or why I had the impulse to start making a break for it. I guess I was trying to escape some hypnotic spell or something." Trevor explained, looking down at his own hands.

    When Ben and Trevor had walked down another pathway, Ben had noticed that this hallway was different from the rest of the maze. It had rows of statues on either side of them, each turned towards the center of the aisle. The statues looked slightly ominous, like gargoyles. Cautiously, they started to approach the end of the hallway. Trevor then started to lurch over and Ben thought he might vomit on the ground. Ben ran to him as Trevor then leapt back to his feet before clutching his head. Then, Ben observed as Trevor grabbed his arm with one hand, and then bent his neck to his shoulder. Ben quickly grabbed hold of Trevor, but very swiftly, he withdrew Ben's pistol before raising it to his head. Trevor then let out a very frightful howl before pulling the trigger on the gun, ending that scream with a deft blast. Ben looked in horror as he saw Trevor fall to the ground before becoming silent.

    "Trevor, you son of a b***h! Stop that, please! Wake up, I beg of you! Don't leave me alone to die in this place!" Ben cried out in anguish. Slowly, Ben arose to his feet.

    As Ben started to continue down the hallway, he noticed an eddy in space bend before him, revealing a familiar face. Raven appeared with his katana in one hand. He looked to be covered in blood.

    "Hello, Ben! Surprised to see me?" Raven started.

    "Raven! You did this to Trevor?" Ben asked.

    "Yes. His mind wasn’t too difficult to corrupt. I had instructed him to shoot you, but it seems as if that may have been too powerful, even for me. No matter though, death will come either way." Raven explained.

    "Why are you doing this to us?" Ben asked, as Raven started to approach.

    "Why not?" Raven quickly answered before dashing towards Ben.

    Ben tried desperately to continually shoot Raven, but as Raven approached, Ben had found himself without ammunition.

    "You're out of bullets, and out of time!" Raven growled, before slicing Ben's head off. Raven dragged the corpse to one side of the hallway, and then leapt to the top of the labyrinth's stone walls.

    The midnight air felt refreshing on Raven's cold skin as he continually shown signs of agility by leaping from one maze top to the other, finally reaching the end. As Raven dropped to the ground, he examined the palace, and then examined the various creatures of the night, each of which was bowing to him as he walked past each of them. As Raven approached the stone door to the palace, he stopped.

    "Okay, I have done what you've asked! Now release me from this place!" Raven howled.

    "No, I don't think I will," a voice said from an unknown place, "you shall remain here as one of us, doomed to wander this maze looking for humans to slaughter."

    "That will never happen!" Raven bellowed.

    "You don't have a choice in the matter!"

    "I always have a choice!"

    Raven then withdrew his katana, and then stabbed the stone door. Then, he removed his sword, only to find that he had released a powerful source of darkness. The gloom then started to engulf Raven as he continued to fight it back. Slowly, it consumed him until Raven eventually disintegrated to nothing, finally lost to the dark winds. The darkness retracted back into the stone door as the demonic vampires started to fly away, each returning to walk the night forever.

    So, the tale of this labyrinth has passed as those four souls have become one with the labyrinth's mystic darkness. The legend of this place is jumbled at best, but only because nobody has ever seen that palace at the end of this jungle of hallways. Nobody has ever seen the end to that maze because the maze doesn't have an end to its twisted madness. This labyrinth becomes a human's home.

    This labyrinth... shall become their tomb.