• Hinderville Experimentation Limits Lab
    Location: Unknown

    Darkness, the wailing of pain, and the small cell. You awake to your small cell you live in. You stretch as best as you can without hurting yourself. A scientist walks by your cell, making you remember the pain that came with him. Death is looming over you, you wonder is beyond the steel doors that lead to the outside.

    Welcome to HELL

    Experiment #: S-425
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Experimentation type: Limits

    Born: 6/23/1994
    Died: 4/24/2010

    The experimentation were over, for now. The watchmen stood over the scientists while they put experiments away. Then they leave to find their next project. S-425 sighed and layed where they dropped her in her cell.<They come back. Like they always do.> She turned over on her stomach and looked around to the people to her left and right. The girl on her left had horns growing out of her head and a tail. She whined and cried all the time. To her right was baby boy with scales and the eyes of a snake. The cell in front of her was empty.<Poor child.> She remembered a boy her age with spikes and amour like skin sitting there. She sat up and held on to her legs. She felt the stitches on her body where the scientist turned her into a human patch doll. She tried to remember what it was like before she came here.

    If only for a second...

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