• Gunners #9 Saya’s Sister
    Dark Side Chronicles

    The next morning as Saya woked up in her black and white clothes she looks at the very old photo as she smokes

    Saya: Kanome…...

    She remembers flash back

    Kanome: come on don’t be scared!

    Saya: I’m trying not to! Woah ah!!

    Wakes up

    Hakuru: yo!

    Saya: oh morning

    Hakuru: come on help me set up the table

    Saya: yeah be right on it

    Meanwhile later at the Corporation of Hurisha

    Mother: so have you tracked them down yet?

    Operator: yes mam, they are currently in Tokyo

    Mother: I’ll send in my daughter to do the job

    Operator: ahh mam?

    Mother: don’t worry, we don’t want to fail like last time right?

    Operator: right…

    Mother: give her the equipment and the drugs she needs, Kanome….

    Later on

    Hakuru: so is there anything your going to do today?

    Saya: I don’t know, I can’t help it going outside, you know there are still Gunners who are still hunting us down

    Hakuru: I know…. I heard Yukina and Yukio setting up an invisible barrier around this place like the previosu one in high school

    Saya: High school?

    Hakuru: oh yeah that, that was two years ago, we were setting up a base there when Yamota, Kanome, Sukya and I first met Yukina

    Saya: oh I see

    Hakuru: yeah heh

    Saya: smells pretty good

    Hakuru: thanks, I didn’t think I came up this far

    Yukina: okay Hakuru barriers ready

    Hakuru: right good work

    Yukina: hey that smells pretty good

    Kanome: yeah!

    Hakuru: ok ok help me set up the kitchen!

    Fuka: morning Misa

    Misa: hey….

    Fuka: whats wrong?

    Misa: I got a hangover…

    Fuka: drank too much huh?

    Misa: ahh…. Kasumi what are you doing?

    Kasumi: setting up a trap so no one could get through

    Misa: and you Lilly?

    Lilly: nothing much
    Yukio: *sniff*sniff* mm…

    Yamota: YO!

    Hakuru: ah!

    Yamota: sorry

    Hakuru: you scared the crap out of me

    Yamota: sorry hehe

    Saya: heh…. You guys….

    Sukya: morning

    Saya: oh hey Sukya

    Sukya: hey

    Hakuru: alright dinners ready get seated guys

    Saya: hey sorry I gotta skip breakfast I need to go and get a job

    Hakuru: oh come on have breakfast first then go

    Saya: no its alright! Don’t worry I’ll come back1

    Hakuru: heh… maybe I should go and get a job too

    A few minutes later as Saya runs

    Saya: *huff*huff*

    Women: oh there you are!

    Saya: hey I’m here for the job

    Women: yes of course come inside

    Saya: wow great place

    Women: why your welcome so is it time?

    Saya: yes of course

    Women: anyways todays job you will be going to deliver this ramen at the districts

    Saya: got it!

    Women: take care!

    Saya: right thanks!

    She runs as she has the ramen

    Women: hey your bike! Ah… never mind…

    Meanwhile till on

    Kanome: Target On Sight

    Saya: *huff*huff*

    Kanome: gotcha…

    She dropped a grenade as it landed in front of Saya

    Saya: oh s**t!


    Kanome; ….

    Saya: not today!

    Kanome: …..

    Saya: wait…. At that roof… ahh never mind that I gotta worry about this!

    Kanome: I’ll get you later…

    Meanwhile there as Saya delivers her Ramens she decided to head back at the Ramen shop

    Saya: alright guess I’m all done

    Suddenly a katana was thrown at Saya

    Saya: s**t!

    It scratched her face as she turns
    Saya: whos there?!

    Kanome: your reflex’s are a bit off subject.0

    Saya: who are you?!

    Kanome: the names Kanome Hurisha….

    Saya: Kanome?!

    Kanome takes off her helmet

    Kanome: hello Subject.0....

    Saya: that’s Saya…

    Kanome: heh using my sisters name huh?

    Saya: didn’t got any choice

    Kanome: hmph

    Saya: your wasting your time trying to capture me, how about walk away and let me just walk back to the Ramen Shop

    Kanome: *sigh* sorry no can do

    She fires her SMG at her as she runs at the walls and ground and was about to kick her but then Kanome grabs her head and slams her on the ground

    Saya: gah! WHAT?!

    She drags her on the floor and kept on beating her up

    Saya: damn it!!! HH!!!


    Saya: bullets have no affect?!

    Kanome: your done for!


    Kanome: ELBOW DOWN!

    Saya: GAH!

    Saya’s back was seriousely enjoyed but then she got up and fixed her spine up as she was prepared for the real thing

    Saya: that’s it…. Its time for the real thing..

    Kanome: lets do it…

    Saya dashed towards her doing her punchign and kicking as Kanome did the same. They flew up the air doing it same thing and got out their pistols and started to pull the triger at each other

    Saya: Bullet Crusader!

    Kanome: Bullet Hell Fire!

    They both dodged as as they fly like the flying angels. Saya’s eyes were bright red and blue as Kanome’s were burning red. Saya couldn’t handle her powers but she never gave up.

    Saya: let me guess! Did the Hurisha Organization sent you?!

    Kanome: yes…. Mother wanted me to bring you back….

    Saya: sorry but I ain’t!

    Kanome: but that is your home-

    Saya: that is not my home! I don’t belong there! I belong here! With my friends!

    Kanome: clones can’t have friends…

    Saya: *sigh* well I do!

    Kanome: heh, Angel Crusade

    Saya: what?!



    Kanome: I can absorb any type of Gunners…. no matter what, I will drain every single power within you…

    Saya: you b***h!!!

    Kanome: hmph…

    Saya: gah… Kasumi…..


    Kanome: what?!

    Kasumi: theres no way in hell you’ll absorb me!

    Kanome: hmph….


    She spreads her wings as her horns grew out of her brain

    Kasumi: no…..

    Akada: you ready?!

    Kasumi: fine with me! I[‘ll send you to hell even if its my own life!!

    Akada: along with Saya’s life as well?!!!

    Kasumi: shut up!!!

    They both got out their katana’s and slashed each other with powerful crusading powers. They both got out their chain guns and other variety of their weopons and kept firing

    Kasumi: blue raining chaoes!

    Akada: flaming horizon!


    Kasumi: GAH!

    Akada: RAHH!!!

    She stabbed her in the torso as they flew to the ground

    Akada: Blader Crsuader!

    The power exploded inside of Kasumi and Saya as both of them were corrupted
    Kasumi: GAH!!!! MY POWER!!!!


    Kasumi: GAH!!!!!

    She grabbed her katana out and slashed the katana which was inside of her

    Kasumi: Bullet Crusader!

    Akada slashed off the bullet as Kasumi was right in front of her as she kicked her and slashed her blade onto her torso

    Akada: hmph, not bad….

    Kasumi: *sigh* lets continue…..

    Meanwhile back home

    Hakuru: yo Yukina!

    Yukina: yeah?

    Hakuru: you seen Saya?

    Yukina: no sorry

    Hakuru: hm right

    Yukina: anything you need?

    Hakuru: yeah… I want you to smith my fathers knife

    Yukina: oh why’s that?

    Hakuru: I want you to make this into a katana, can you do it? I don’t care how good it is as long as it can kill an enemy and could cut through anything

    Yukina: sure I can do that!

    Hakuru: right thanks Yukina I owe you one

    Yukina: anytime!

    A few minutes later at the fight

    Kasumi: *huff*huff*huff*

    Akada: if you keep this up I’ll just have to keep cutting your wings and keep plucking each feather

    Kasumi: shut up!

    Akada: come on now Saya, come home..

    Kasumi: that’s not her home!!!! Shes my host! No not just a host… shes my friend!

    Akada: have you forgotten the rules of Gunners?

    Kasumi: ******** Gunners! The Dark Gunners were now just the same as the Light Gunners! we’ve always been fighting! I’m alongside with the Skull Gunners! we protect the humans as always not just by killing them! This world has innocent lives here!

    Akada: meaningless…. Your ignorant just like my clone!

    Kasumi: GAH!


    Akada: HELLS DOOM!



    The massive explosion occurred as Akada was surprised

    Akada: GAH! WHAT THE?!

    Saya/Kasumi: gah…….

    Akada: ahh…. my powers… they’re…. ah!!! This is Akada returning!

    She vanished as Saya was on the ground

    Saya: ahh…. i… won….

    Hakuru suddenly appeared

    Hakuru: *sigh* I knew you were here

    Saya: Hakuru?
    Hakuru: here let me help you up

    Saya: thanks….

    Hakuru: who was she?

    Saya: don’t wanna talk about it ahh…. I’ll explain later ahh…..

    Saya: take it easy…

    Saya: thanks

    Hakuru: lets get you back Saya….

    Saya: right…

    Hakuru: come on I prepared dinner back home…. Lets go home and eat

    Saya: right… thanks… Hakuru…

    To be continued

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