• 1983,
    dear diary,

    ~i sighed~pulling food from the super market to my house was hard work... i didnt have a car... it was crashed... i walked in the frount door and put the food away. i walked over to the radio and truned it on, and danced around the house. i was only 16 but my music was odd... it was my moms jewlery box. she had been gone now for 7 or 6 years. but if my dad was here i would of been normal they never would of gotten me... well not the people i planed on meeting. a mom named maria and a little girl named ava (ava was so cute!!).
    "well" i said turning off the radio "time to go for a walk.". "no you arnt" said maria. "why?!" i companed. "you haft to stay here!!!!" maria yelled. "fine." i said as i walked up stairs.i walked into my room and threw my self on my bed. after 20 minutes i got up and i looked out side. i saw ava runing away and just before she ran into the woods she turned into a wolf. i screamed "thats not possible!!!!". maria ran up to my room and asked me what i saw. i told her and she ran outside after ava. before she left i her her say "yeah... well im a vampire..." i stood there confused.how was that possible. i walked down stares and got a glass of water. im going so insaine i laughed. this day has been insain. but in the end i ran away this is my last letter. ~i put this on the frigerater and grabed my bag and walked out the frount door wereing perfum so maria cant find me and ava cant track me~

    jaime brookeheart