• Chapter 3
    Nathan's Wish

    Jenna's older brother Nathan, who likes to be called Nate, was lonley at school. He hadn't seen his sister at recess. He liked to play four square, kickball, and tetherball with his little sister. Today, she wasn't there. He heard that something werid happened to her in class just before recess. He hoped she was okay. "Hey, Nate. Let's play some kickball."
    "Okay." He said. He didn't really want to.
    "I'm first captain," Trevor said.
    "Second," Summer said.
    Okay, I pick...Austin." Trevor said. There were 16 kids there so there was going to be 8 kids on each team. Nate didn't get picked until the very end. He knew he was no good. That's why he like to play with his sister. She was REALLY good. Practically anybody besides him were good.
    "Out of the kindness of our hearts we decided we would let you kick first." Summer said.
    "Thanks," Nate said blankly. Trevor pitched the red ball. Nate ran up to kick it and he missed the ball.
    "Ha ha ha," Trevor laughed. Nate threw the ball back and it had to bounce 6 times to get to him. Trevor pitched the ball again, closer and slower now. Nate ran up to kick it and hit his target. The ball flew into the outfield. The smile on Nate's face reached all the way up to his eyes. He just stood there looking at the ball in the outfield.
    "RUN!" Summer called. Nate came to his senses and ran. Chris, the best outfielder, threw the ball as fast as lightning and got him out.
    "NO! HOW COULD I BE SO STUPID?" Nate exclaimed with anger. "I just wish I could be anybody else besides me," he whispered to himself. When he walked back to home plate nobody had a happy face. He saw Marcos, the cool janitor, sitting in the dugout...watching with interest. Nate walked over to him and sat down. "I know, I suck." he said.
    "No you don't. I thought that was pretty spectacular. You want some gum? I got that new 5 Gum."
    "Sure," Nate said with some resatisfaction. He took the gum and strated chewing. It tasted SO GOOD! He was thinking of his sister. How she was so good and so was everybody else. He felt depressed that his sister wasn't there. All of a sudden he flet bigger. He looked at himself and saw breasts on his chest. He felt his long, blonde hair. His body felt larger and more mature. He ran to the bathroom and saw a beautiful woman. It was sister. How could he turn into his sister? How could she look so different? He couldn't help looking at himslef. The gum. The gum must have been the thing that changed him. He would look into that tomorrow. right now...he had to get the hell out of here.