• The first day I met you.
    I know you will be my friend.
    The feeling was really true.
    But like everything else, it has to end.
    But I don't give up, not yet.
    We become friends, oh yes.
    I was happy, I thought you were different.
    But now I know you're just a deadly cipher
    I lied about my identity, but I was trying something new.
    But I don't want to lie anymore, so I tell you the truth.
    My trust for you vanished in the second I told you.
    Oh, I was right all along.
    You were nothing but an empty shell.
    Waiting for me to do something wrong.
    And you break me out of your magic spell.
    The world suddenly close.
    Creeping more closer to me.
    I want to have an opportunity to chose.
    But I have to face the face that I fear to see.
    The Devil, face to face.
    Oh, I cry but inside my heart.
    This empty little space.
    Became the saddest art.
    This word, I hate it the most.
    Because it's the lowest thing you can do.
    But you still do it, Not seeing my in pain.
    I can't blame you, only me.
    I was so naive.
    To believe.
    To even thought you were different.
    You are just a traitor.
    I hate to see you.
    So go to where you belong.
    There is nothing left for you.
    I still seek for a better day
    I still want to say.
    '' I still trust in people, who treasure my heart ''
    '' To those who really can see through, my beautiful sad art ''