• My time ran out exactly a year after the Earth's did. So little time for both of us,but then again I don't think I could live in a world that we've become. I hope that my daughter can.
    No matter now messed up this place and everyone has become, we all can agree on one thing: the apocalypse just wasn't what we expected. No zombies, no giant earthquake, no aliens, not even giant volcanoes erupting everywhere. It was ourselves.
    We fought each other so much and eventually killed off most of everything. Of course, in every problem, there's always some people who think. Those some of us were smart enough to stop fighting and take shelter for a few years.They call themselves Peaceprayers. And yes,by their name you can probably guess how religious they are.
    There a few of us who broke off from 'the people of god". We call ourselves Paladins. We fight for what we think is right and follow no god except for our own instincts.
    Now, I've given you a head start, whoever you are. There's many more people and groups out there, both good and bad. You'll have to decide for yourself which to follow. It's going to be awhile before we can call ourselves "Humanity" again, so i wish you luck. I have just one wish to ask in return; tell Leah to follow herself, not a god. I'll be with Jason soon. Good luck in the wild, my dear child. -Alondrea

    She crumpled up the letter from her mom one again. Why couldn't she have included a map or something? If she had then I wouldn't be stuck in this stupid city! Leah kicked the nearest pile of rubble and metal from the collapsing buildings. Why did she have to leave anyway? Why couldn't someone of stayed so she wouldn't be so broken inside? Mom, dad, lil sis, and even her boyfriend. As she thought that a stab of pain went into her heart. She still remembered her last words to Tristan, 'I'll find you somehow, no matter what happens......'