• The girl named Alex stood up. And a few people rushed outside. I recognized some of their faces. Corinne, Maria, Sam, Jay, Chris Fen, Glorivee, Jeff, Katie. I saw some other’s too. A girl walked towards me. She had Blue tiger skinny jeans, and white tiger stripe jacket. She had some freckles sprawled across her nose. Her hair was brunette, and her eyes were brown.
    “Where the hell were you!?” She asked angrily. I forgot this woman for a second, and then I realized her name. Allison.
    “Uh…I…I forgot,” I said uneasily. I shifted my weight to my left side. I just noticed I grew taller than her. Ha-ha. I was always really short to her.
    “Well that’s not good enough! I helped throw this party, and what do you do? You don’t show up!” she roared.
    “I’m sorry?” I said. I looked over at some people. “Any-who….How is every body?” I heard a few “fine”s and some “great”s.
    “Hey, where are my Brother’s?” I asked. I haven’t seen him since I came back.
    "Well..." Cole started. "Brett's on some buisness trip and Mike's playin' baseball at philley."
    "Oh...well wheres kaylee?" I replied.
    "Which one"
    "You guys wanna see something cool?" i asked every one. Everyone nodded. Haha, they are in for a treat. "Stand back" i said. i cupped my hands at my side. Static arched of my hands as a blue energy swirled in my palms. I chuckled. "you ready? throw something in the air!" i shouted. Someone threw a peice of rubble in the air. I pushed my hands foward.
    "GO! ブラストライトニング (lightning blast)!!!" I Shouted as the rubble was hit with a blast filled with lightning. The huge giant peice of rubble gradualy turned to dust as the blast was funnished. However, with the lack of sleep last night, all the energy i had was sapped out of me. I needed to sit down. somebody took me inside. thats when i found out where the rubble came from.