• Today was the thrid day Kai and I were going to secretly meet again. I didn't like going behind Sayami's back but Kai loved me too much and i loved him. We didn't like sneeking around but that was the only way we could be together, it ws the only way we could see each other. sayami was too controlling and thought that any girl Kai hung out with was his secet girlfriend; not like she was wrong about him having a secret girlfriend but she was out of control. Last week we were all hanging out in the park and a girl walked up to Kai and said hi, of course he said hi back and she said that she hadn't seen kai in a long time. right then Sayami snapped, she faced the girl and said,"are you hitting on my Kai?!" and the girl backed away shaking her head and saying,"no i know him but we're just-"
    "Just what?! Secetly dating?!"
    " no me and kai are just-"
    "JUST WHAT?!"
    "just cousins....." After hearing that Sayami backed away from the girl and hugged Kai saying,"oh.... well nice to meet you Kai's cousin." She smiled as if she had given her a present or something, and i stood there thinking to myself Now i know why Kai can't break up with her...... she'd claw me out like a cat with a scratching post..... and after that day we had to make up excuses around Sayami so we could go meet up at a place secret and secluded. But today was different....................... it was the day we got found out by Sayami.

    Me and Kai had met up somewhere secluded in the park and we started kissing each other. Kai pulled away and said,"Teyumi...... i love you...... you're pretty and...... i just don't deserve you....."
    I smiled and touched his cheek saying to him,"i love you too.... and you do deserve me..... don't eve say that again..... because-" It was right then, before i could finish my sentence, Sayami saw us in each other arms and just stood there her eyes wide. Me and Kai didn't know what to do, we didn't even move, we were to startled.......