• This is the one song everyone
    Would like to learn: the song
    That is irresistible:
    The song that forces men
    To leap overboard in squadrons
    Even though they see the beached skulls
    The song that nobody knows
    Because anyone who has heard it
    Is dead; and the others can’t remember
    Shall I tell you the secret
    And if I do, will you get me
    Out of this body?
    I don’t enjoy it here
    Squatting on this island
    Looking picturesque and mythical
    With these two beatiful maniacs
    I don’t enjoy singing
    This trio, fatal and valuable.
    I will tell the secret to you
    To you, only to you.
    Come closer, this song
    is a cry for help: Help Me!
    Only you, only you can,
    You are unique
    At Last, Alas
    It is a boring song.
    But it works every time.