• I sit in the back of my moms BMW with big, black headphones on.
    “Jackie,” my mom drones. “When we get to the library I want you to turn your iPod off, okay?”
    I turn up the volume and stare out the window. I like the library, I really do, but not when you have to drive seven miles to get there because you live on the outskirts of town, detached from all civilization. I hate it there, yeah, sure, homeschooling might sound fun, but what I needed was a day off, with friends, not that I have any anymore. They’d forgotten about me after a year.
    Not that I care.
    We pull into the parking lot and I jump out before the car stops.
    “Jackie!” I hear mom call after me, so I crank up the volume and run up the stairs.
    I get stares from the librarians as I walk past in my gothic attire.
    I head straight for the mangas, only to be greeted by a bunch of runny nosed geeks. They practically drool at the sight of my bodice.
    “******** off,” I sneer, a little too loud. Parents shake their heads and hurry their kids away. Not that I care.
    A loud boom rings out followed by screams. I run out of the aisle.
    A little girl stands, shaking in the middle of the room. I suck in my breath, forcing my heart to slow as I glance at the shining silver gun she is holding.
    My eyes slowly trace were the gun is pointed. I clench my teeth and turn away from the blood.
    Another shot comes, more screams. I shake and turn; a shadow passes by the door.
    Thank God, the police, I think. The door opens and in comes my mom. I scream in horror as the girl turns to her.
    “No!” I shout running toward her. She looks at me her eyes filled with tears, and shoots.
    The pain spreads through my chest and blood rushes out. I see the girl drop the gun before my vision turns black.
    “I love you, mom” I breathe. A tear escapes and I breathe my last breath.