• Gunners #13 Friendship

    As the glimpse of skies starts to open, Earth quakes starts to crumble as cities starts to shake and fall........

    Hakuru: ah! Rah! Ah!




    Hakuru: where are you....?

    Soul/Fate: !

    Hakuru takes out her katana

    Hakuru: KURAI CUT!

    Soul/Fate: ELUMINUM SLICE!

    Hakuru: ha! Ah!

    Soul/Fate: this all you have to show me Hakuru Sakura?

    Hakuru: shut up!

    Meanwhile as Yamot and Kikio started fighting

    Yamota: guess its time to switch... Shin Akada go!!!!

    she switch's as her clothes changes

    Shin: lets go....

    Kikio: don't forget, I'm part of my mum too.... Yamota....

    she changes as well

    Rei Do!

    Rei: come on then...lets see what you got!




    Shin: AH!!!!!




    Rei: AH! Huff huff

    Shin: huff huff

    Rei: you got skills Shin, but still I'm not letting you pass

    Shin: Rei! Stop this! We won't do anything if we keep fighting on like this! The world is at stake here!

    Rei: yeah... it is....

    Shin: whats gotten into you! Don't you see Saya is in that thing! We were all friends! Let us help you! We're friends!

    Rei: I'm sorry......


    Shin: so its been decided... don't hold back Kikio

    she turns back to Yamota

    Yamota: lets go!

    She gets out her revolver as she dashs to her



    Hakuru: Ah! SENFUKIN!

    Soul/Fate: RAGING CYCLONE!

    Hakuru: CROSS GUARD!


    Soul/Fate: soon this will all be over.....

    she transforms her arm into a blade

    Hakuru: Saya! Please! Its me Hakuru! You gotta hear me! Shes using you as a puppet! Please! Hear me!

    Soul/Fate: fool... she can't hear you, you fool..... NOW DIE!


    She plants herself a shield but then suddenly she stabs her in the chest

    Hakuru: GAH!

    Soul/Fate: heh.......

    Yamota: Ah! Hakuru?!

    Hakuru: GAH!!! AHHH!!!!!


    Her hand was on fire as she hits her in the face



    Soul/Fate: heh... nice hits.... guess I'll be changing into my other form..... LETS GO!

    Her body starts to transform as half of her becomes crystal diamond

    Soul/Fate: well what do you think.....?

    Hinkyo: why you..... I'LL MELT YOU TO HELL THEN!


    She stabs her in the heart again

    Hinkyo: damn you.....

    Soul/Fate: time will soon come until humanity will fall.... and then I shall take Saya as my host

    Hinkyo/Hakuru: you sick fool!

    Soul/Fate: sick fool?! Ha! Your the sick fool! Soon.... this war will be over!

    Hinkyo: AH! CRUSADER!

    Her eye flash's right at her

    Soul/Fate: ah!

    Hinkyo: good I'm free.... s**t she sucked out my powers...

    Soul/Fate: nice trick you have there...

    Hinkyo: heh... you too, you sucked half of my powers didn't you? Why you ******** b***h.....

    Soul/Fate: yeah... I did, it made both of us stronger, with Saya and me we will forever be together....

    Hinkyo: we'll see about that.... until we're gonna turn Saya human.... the wish that she once.... READY HAKURU!

    Hakuru: yeah... I'm ready!

    Hinkyo: then lets go for it!

    She takes out her katana

    Hakuru: LETS DASH THIS!

    She teleport's and dash's around as she keeps hitting her and slicing her and cutting her

    Hakuru: KURAI BLADE!


    Hakuru: SAYA!!!!

    Saya: Hakuru......?

    Soul/Fate: damn! I'm losing control of this body! Better increase.... more POWER!

    She stabs her again as she takes full control of Saya's body

    Saya: GAH!

    Hakuru: damn it! ah.....

    Soul/Fate: idiot.... heh....

    Hakuru: better do this then..... No.1...... activate...


    Soul/Fate: huh?


    No.1: I am... No.1.....

    Soul/Fate: heh.... shall we dance?

    No.1: gladly....


    she twirls as both of them slash's each others blades as they collided each others power, the sonic explosion occurred to all of the human worlds and the gunners world as they kept on fighting

    Sukya: woah...

    Yukina: there are some large energy readings....

    Kanome: is she going to make it?

    Yamota: ah.... Hakuru

    Fuka: …. Hakuru

    we're... entrusting you with all of our power.... Hakuru go get her!

    Yamota: go...

    No.1: AHH!!!!!

    Soul/Fate: keep it up and I'll just suck out each and every energy out of you you pathetic fool!

    No.1: I would just die then!

    Soul/Fate: ha! Fine have it your way!!!! you reckless idiot!

    She stabs her straight between her breast as she sucks out the remaining energy of her powers

    No.1: …..

    Soul/Fate: yes... ultimate power... THIS POWER! I FEEL IT!

    She grows and grows even more stronger as she turns into more crystal

    Hakuru: ah.... cough no....

    Soul/Fate: well now.... I guess you lose... chosen one

    Hakuru: ah...

    Soul/Fate: whats wrong? No more strength left?

    Hakuru: ha..... actually I got a lot of strength left that my friends lend me.....

    Soul/Fate: soon mankind will be destroyed! And I will establish a new life!

    Hakuru: no you won't....

    Soul/Fate: what did you say?

    Hakuru: this world may be fool of hatred but it can also be fool of friendship, it doesn't matter if mankind cannot be right or wrong! But know this that life itself will always continue on! And friendship will never be apart! I will bring Saya back! I will make Saya a human!!!!!

    Soul/Fate: why you!!! ah! What the?!

    Hakuru: the more power you absorb.... the more useless you will become.... its time to end this!

    She gets out her gun out

    Hakuru: its time to end this Soul/Fate......


    Soul/Fate: n... no!!!!



    Soul/Fate: NO!!!!!!!


    Hakuru: ah.....

    shes sees Saya on the ground

    Hakuru: ah! Saya!

    Yukina: woah she did it

    Sukya: ah! Oh no! Its going to fall!

    Hakuru: Ah! Damn it there has to be an entrance somewhere!

    Suddenly a light came by

    Hakuru: what the?

    Hakuru... you have defeated the Soul/Fate...... you are the key to unlock anything, anything you desire.... what is it that you care to wish for Hakuru....

    Hakuru: I wish..... wish Saya was.... human

    then your wish will be granted..... but will you be able to survive

    Hakuru: hey, everyone knows me.... I can't die that easily....

    the light starts to shine as Hakuru holds Saya

    Hakuru: well Saya your wish has come true.....

    Yukina: oh no its going to explode!


    Sukya: HAKURU!

    Yamota: oh boy!

    The explosions kept on going and going as Yamota rescues her mother and Kikio's mother as for the Hellsbound Crisis gang they looked up and saw the explosions. The the nazi squadrons looked up at the sky and prayed as Hakuru's friends and Saya's looked up

    V: wait a minute...

    Hiyane: what?

    V: ah..... there!

    Hiyane: Wait! Is that! Its Hakuru!

    Hakuru: Ah...... here we go!!!!!

    she spreads out her wings as she tries to land

    Saya: ah.....

    Hakuru: hey buddy you awake?

    Saya: Hakuru...? what happened?

    Hakuru: long story, don't worry you feeling any better?

    Saya: ah... am I...

    Hakuru: yep your human!

    Saya: I'm... human?!

    Hakuru: yeah that's right its what you wanted isn't it?

    Saya: yeah but... why didn't you wish to be human as well?

    Hakuru: because.... I already have human feelings, even if I'm a clone, I got feelings right? I actually feel like a real human, besides since we're back again, lets head down and celebrate huh?

    Saya: ah..... Hakuru.... I'm sorry

    Hakuru: hey hey, enough with the sorry already I already forgive you a thousand times already besides lets never do this again okay? Lets go

    Saya: y... yeah!

    On that very moment, Soul/Fate is now gone, but the Gunners world still hates us but..... it doesn't matter anymore as time passes by, I think staying with friends should be a great idea to deal with friendship and love, but best of all, I think its better to just smile and have fun in life

    Yamota: HAKURU!

    Hakuru: ah! There you guys are!

    Dark Gunners: AH SAYA!!!

    Saya: ah guys!

    Kikio: are you alright?

    Saya: yeah I'm fine!

    Hakuru: hm... hey hows your mother Yamota?

    Yamota: found her hehe!

    Shin: hello

    Hakuru: ah! Yeah! Wait a minute is my-

    Yamota: sorry Hakuru.... shes... not there I couldn't find her....

    Hakuru: oh I see.....

    Yamota: don't worry she could be around somewhere!

    Hakuru: yeah I guess hahaha

    Yamota: so what now?

    Hakuru: home.....

    Yamota: lets go and have a party!!!


    Hakuru: yeah, you know you all are the bestest friends I ever had.... in my entire life

    The End

    Hey guys, look this has been great making the Gunners series, I'll be gladly making more and more Gunners series but even so I think I should take a break from now on for this year maybe I'll make another series next year since then, until December comes by I'll gladly make a special issue, but for now on I'll be posting the original first series of Gunners that you guys were probably waiting for, anyways I'll gladly pretty much make another series right lol, anyways thank you all who have been reading my entire series, thanks to you all readers