• Fire’s Question

    Hot, temperamental, and explosive. Those are some of the things that people would use to describe fire; an element of pure chaos and anxiety. Destruction and disaster follow where-ever this natural element strikes, but despite its hot and explosive disposition, Fire is really very innocent and sweet.

    Just as the name suggests, fiery and hot is fire. A beautiful mane of orange-red hair tumbles down and stops just before his shoulders, caressing his tanned cheek in a loving manner. Lush lips and scarlet hues make his face distinguishable in any crowd; he is one of a kind.

    The only problem for our handsome, yet hot-headed, friend is that he can not touch without destroying. Midas turns to gold, but Fire turns to ash and dust.

    “How does someone so gentle live such a life of disarraying chaos?” A figure of beauty and serene grace: that is Water. Blue hair cascades from her head, down her back and stops just before her waist-line, curling naturally at the end like rippling water. To match her hair is her eyes: crystalline blue pools of wonder. To stare into them would be like staring straight into the ocean itself.

    Fire smiles gently, reaches out to place a hand upon Water’s shoulder, but retreats quickly as he knows the result of a single touch from him. “It is a wonder that I even have life. Why would Mother Nature keep the one single element that destroys everything?” The question was rhetorical, but he still pondered the answer day in and day out. His thought process constantly ran amuck because of this single question; often times he would become infuriated with himself and disaster would strike to those who are around him. Fury turned into rage and rage often turned into violent eruptions or an aura of fire surrounding his being.

    “You are her child, Fire. Mother would have no reason to get rid of you…” Water reached her hand out and placed it on his shoulder. A sensation sparked inside of him and the Fire inside began to cool. He sighed as she lifted her hand, a charred piece of skin now visible on his right shoulder.

    “If I were Mother, I would certainly get rid of me.” Fire smiled as Water went to place her hand on his shoulder again, but instead of letting her, he moved out of her reach and wagged a single finger at her.

    “I would rather not be charred again, Water.” He flicked a strand of hair from his line of vision and turned away.

    “Oh, Fire…” Water placed a hand to her heart and smiled before leaving Fire with only himself and his thoughts of destruction and self-pity.

    Water’s Troubles

    True beauty lies deep with-in one’s self. The same goes for the ocean, it is so beautiful when looking at it, but you never know the beauty deep with-in the depths of that ocean. Though beauty comes with a price, and that price is never easy to pay. Constantly dabbling in the art of lust and never being able to have the one you truly want, for society will not allow it.

    One would think that the rules would differ in Nature and that any one Element would be perfectly suited for the other, but as it seems, the same rules apply.

    “Is there something you are not telling me, Water?” A man perfectly suited for his element is Wind. A care-free and wandering spirit, always traveling where instinct takes him. He lifted a hand and carefully kneaded through his stringy green hair, a few tangles coming free here and there.

    “If there was something that I needed to tell you then I would have told you by now, do you not think?” Water smiled and Wind could sense the tension in her voice, knowing that there was something she was not telling him sparked a sort of disturbance inside of him. He sighed and leaned in, staring her down and making her look directly into his eyes. Eyes that were like a forest of deep green and jade melded together in two orbs of enlightening beauty.

    “You can tell me anything, you know?” He placed one hand on her hip and drew her in closely, burying his face into the crook of her neck. His breath was like the Wind itself, it caused a shivering sensation to spike through her and her body seemed to wobble, almost ripple as if she were truly water.

    Of course she knew that she could tell him anything, but it was what she had to tell him that made her hesitate. All doubts possible tumbled through her mind and she sighed; she knew what she was going to do.

    “I know that, but there is honestly nothing that I need to say right now.” She smiled and forced herself to pull away from this man, this portrait of seduction and beauty. “I must be going now…I am sorry for wasting your time, Wind.” She traced a slender finger against his cheek and then sulked away, the burden of her troubles weighing her down as she walked.

    Wind’s Doubts

    The wind is care-free and goes where-ever it needs to. It follows its instinct and is one of Nature’s wonders. From helping the bird’s fly to brushing leaves from the curb, Wind is a free spirit, but even free spirits have their doubts.

    “Where am I going, Mother?” Wind tangled his fingers in his jade colored hair, gently knotting strands together in frustration.

    “Where-ever your instinct takes you, child.” A silhouette of ravenous beauty that is what Mother Nature is. Her hair is soft and golden like the sand of the desert, shimmering as the sun’s rays hit it. Her eyes a stunning shade of purple and her lips lush and pink. She is perfection incarnate.

    “What if…what if I don’t know where my instinct wants to take me?” Wind sighed, his hand dropping from his hair and sliding into the left pocket of his emerald green blazer. Wind was so much more than just a care-free spirit, he had a mind of his own and often wondered why he needed to rely so much on instinct rather than his own thoughts and logic.

    “The question is do you want your instinct to take you?” Mother Nature smiled softly and placed a hand upon Wind’s shoulder.

    “I just…I want to go where I want to go, not where instinct takes me.” Wind sighed and lifted a hand, gently scratching the back of his head out of frustration.

    “Well, then where do you want to go, Wind?” Mother Nature’s hand dropped from his shoulder as she awaited his response. Wind thought, pondering the question because the truth was that he had never thought about where he had wanted to go, it had never occurred to him that one day he might be able to.

    “I…I’m not sure.” He wrinkled his nose for a moment and shrugged.

    “Well then, let me know when you figure it out, for I’ll be waiting.” Mother Nature gave a reassuring smile and then turned, leaving Wind with his thoughts and his doubts.

    “I guess I’m more like the leaves in the wind than the wind itself…” Wind sighed and went back to soaring the open skies, going only where instinct took him.