• It was late fall, the wind was starting to chill my backside, and I shivered. Roy and I have beed going out for a couple months now.....we were both busy with school but we got together as much as possible. Today I was picking him up from school. His college course got out early and I was looking forward to it. I had started to really like Roy, and when I thought about him I felt ward, and smiled. I also felt strangly darker feelings, which bothered me, but I ignored them. He was out a little late and I got bored of waiting by the schools door, so I went inside for some water, I was just finishing my drink when a sickeningly sweet voice rang out, " Come oon! Roooooooooooy! Dump that stupid girl and go out with me, a REAL woman!" I turned just in time. Just in time to see her hands on his cheeks and her mouth on his. A gasp shook my body I felt my mind go kinda blank, and slow thoughts went through my head. " wait...she..but he...then why...why...why isnt he resisting...why....mine.mine.mine.liar. betrayal." My mind was blank, but I felt a different foriegn part of me that I didnt recognize come out. It was different, and dark. I didnt resist. I felt jealousy first, then anger, hate, betrayal, then....pain. I wasnt used to them, and they soon controlled me, I gasped and struggled to breathe. But then I stopped gasping when possesion came. It was strong, and angry. Why was she touching MY Roy? WHY? Roy saw me first, and broke away making excuses I didnt hear. The annoying girl was also making noises, calling me things, calling possesion on MY Roy.......My revere was broken by her approaching figure. Huh. She was moving kinda slow...I could see her hand become rigid, and guessed it was to slap me. But why should I let her? I mean, she touched MY Roy. He was MINE. and she...touched...him. MY ROY. I could feel my eyes narrow venemously. Then I saw the edges of vision blurring, but I didnt care because all that mattered was her. She raised her hand to hit me, but I sidestepped, lightly placed my right hand on her throat, then punched her stomach hard. The air whooshed out of her mouth and I tightened my hold with my right hand and added my left, blocking air from her lungs. She flailed, and in the minute or so this all took people finally took action when her face started to change colors. They tried to pull us apart, but I simply left, grabbed Roys arm and took him out the door and to an alley nearby.
    (Roys point of view)
    After class and my girlfriends explosion of that intrusive chick, we headed to an alley, or she had pulled with suprising strength and I was pulled. In a shorter than expected we reached an alley and she pushed me into the side, her hands grabbing my jacket and burying her head in my chest. I embraced her, and waited for her to talk. As expected her voice came out, and suprisingly shakingly she spoke. " You......you make these....these ugly....emotions....come out...i dont....i dont want these...these....emotions..." tears shoke her voice and I held her tighter. Her words were odd, and I didnt know what to say. So I tilted her head up for a small kiss, gentle and caring.
    (that annoying nameless chick from earliers point of view)
    "Aah!Found her~ I KNEW that little freak was familiar!" A smirk covered my lips as I read the article on the computer perfect. I hit print and sighed, content.
    (Lily(the girlfriend)'s point of view)
    I sat in bed with eyes wide, and lights on. The unfamiliar emotions brought back memories, memories i didnt want to remember. People knocked at the door and called fro me, but I didnt answer. A whirlwind of emotions and harsh,old,memories entranced my mind. A muffled scream entered a pillow. Tears ran down my face, and my hands shook."Roy......."
    (Roys pov)
    After a week Lily had called me and asked to come over. I was more than willing, because she had locked herself in her room for three days. She had come over, and she seemed fine. Fatigued but fine. Not good, but fine. Our silence was broken by a knock on the door. I motioned for her to sit and answered it. Of course, it was the girl from class. *sigh* "what." a smile faded from her face to be replaced by a pout. "what? after I went through all of the trouble to bring you girlfriend this...shes..here right?" the normally stupid face contorted to a smirk, borderline evil one at that. Before I could stop her she was in the house. I tried to stop her but it ended with her sitting across from me and Lily. She tried to exchange pleasantries, but I had no patience for her. She saw my impatience and reached into her purse pulling out a newspaper. " nownow, I thought your DEAREST girlfriend might want...Last time I....saw her...I thought she looked familiar, so I looked her up, and look what I found! Then the library was nice enough to lend me a copy! Isnt that...darling! Right, Ms.TigerLily!" confusion took hold of me, because she was oviously addressing Lily, then before my mind could ponder it any further, Lily was there. She was right by the girl, and then had torn the paper out of the girls hands with ease, if not anger, and then she got out a lighter from her pocket and lit up the paper. Motionless for the first time a sigh escaped her as the newspaper acticle burned. That annoying chick however, was pissed. " WHAT THE HELL!" other rants continued but I was more focused on Lilys face. It showed pain, but also....anger of course....but....something else....fear? yes that was it. fear. but why? Hysterical laughter was coming from the girl from class and I promptly kicked her out paying her protests and insesent knocking no heed. I turned back to Lily and held her to me. She looked up at me after a couple minutes of silence and I gasped.The circles under her eyes were to dark, her eyes to bloodshot. Her breathing a little to shallow. It was like I was seeing her for the first time. Her lips were chapped and I realized that her voice wasnt fatigued it was shaky. She was so light, she had lost way to much weight to be healthy. What could bother her this much? And how could I not notice? My voice was deep and quiet when I tilted her head towards me so she looked me in the eyes, and said " What happened?" a long pause followed and she struggled with her couth a bit, opening and closing it before saying quietly" well...I was 7 when I was adopted. Before then......I had a birth father..and an adoptive...im in my third family right now....but what...made..me like this.....was my birth father..."