• It was a dark and stormy night as he walked through a dark alley. He was wearing a long black cloak that covered his black shirt and pants, he even had black socks and shoes and a pair of black gloves. All but his blonde hair was covered. He walked to the end and came to a door with a sign saying "Papi's long bar." He kicked the door in.
    Their was at least fifty people in the bar twelve were playing pool while another twenty were playing cards and eighteen were drinking as much as they could. They all turned and looked at him. He walked up to the bar keeper. "Im looking for information on this man's killer." The man said holding out a picture of a young man with bloody knuckles.
    "the Street Kings killer huh." The bartender said taking the picture and examining it. "You must have a death wish if your looking for his killer." A man chuckled. The blonde haired man grabbed the guy by the neck who dropped his bottle of vodka. "Make another comment like that and you'll be the next one dead." The man said raising the man in the air with ease as the bottle shattered.
    "D. Cartus." The bartender said holding the picture. "D. Cartus?" The blonde haired man asked dropping the man who fell on the ground hard. "Hes the guy who would know, so whats your name?" The bartender said. "James, James Hearts" The blonde hair man said. "Well James you better watch your back on your way out everyone here has a grudge against the Street King." The bartender said as he turned everyone was up.
    "Ill pray for you all in hell." He said gripping his cross neckelace and closing his eyes. When he opened them a man was in front of him rready to hit him with a pool stick. James grabbed the pool stick and broke it with his grip. He pulled out a blue pistol with a white cross on it and shot the man in the head without any hesitation. The man fell dead and a few men ran out of the bar.
    "Whos next?" he asked spinning the pistol. Two more men rushed at him and he shot them both in the head and they fell down just as quickly. More men left running some screaming. He continued shooting each shot shot faster then the previous, eacch bullet hit in the head area.
    He walked out once he had killed all but the bartender stepping over the bodies. He waved good bye before walking out calmly. He dropped a card before stepping out into the rain. The bartender walked over and picked the card up. It was the King of Hearts. In black letters it said "I will have my vengance." The bartender began to call the cops as the young man disappeared in a crowd of people after hiding his gun.
    Sirens roared driving into the alley. It became an offical crime scene. A young lady with long brown hair and in a pink dress walked in as police were investigating and an officer stopped her. "Sorry this is an offical crime scene." The officer said as she showed him a badge. "Dective Lisa Wilson." She said as the officer looked over the badge.
    "Ok go on ahead." He said as she looked around the bar. She walked over to the bartender. "Who did this?" She asked seriously. "A guy named James Hearts." He said frightenedly. "Did he say anything that could lead us to him?" She asked writing some notes on a piece of paper. "Something about the Street King's murder." The bartender said holding up the card. She looked over the card. "Vengance what dose he mean by his vengance?" She asked looking at the card.
    "He prayed before shooting though." The bartender said remmeberng the cross on his neck. "Was he wearing anything that could help us identfy him?" Lisa asked trying to get more info. "A silver cross and he was dressed all in black." The bartender said. She took the card from him and studied it for a moment.
    She saw on one of the edges there was two so she pulled them apart and the card fell to floor and revealed a pictures of two young men. One young man had brown hair and had bloody knuckles the man didn't have a shirt and he only wore a pair of blue pants with blue tennis shoes. The other man was a blond haired kid who was wearing glasses. The blond haired boy was hiding behind the brown haired boy.
    "What did you find detective?" An officer asked. "Look at this picture." She intructed as the officer went and looked at it. "Thats the Street King isn't it?" The officer asked pointing to the brown haired boy. "Thats right its Tyson Rivers the Street King." Lisa said pointing to the boy. "But who is this?" She asked pointing to the blond haired man hiding behind the Street King.
    "His friend?" The officer guessed. "No I don't think a friend would go as far as we've seen." Lisa said shaking her head. The bartender gasped seeing the blond haired mans face. "Thats James!" He yelled. "Im gonna head home and try and figure out their connection." Lisa said handing the picture to an officer and walking away.
    Else where James walked through the streets. He walked into a cafe by the name of "Cafe Memmory.". He looked around with his hands in his pockets. He saw a man dressed all in white sitting in a booth and began to walk towards him. He sat down in the seat across from him. "What information did you recieve to call me this late?" The man in white asked staring into James's eyes. James stared into the mans white eyes.
    "New contacts nice." James responded with a smirk. "James we both know you didn't call me to compliment me on my eyes." The man said. "Fine Johnny, D.Cartus is the man were after." James responded coldly. "You mean thee D.Cartus?" Johnny asked moving a hand over his cheek were a large scar was. "Ya apparently hes the only one in this city who might have a clue on who killed The Street King." James said clenching his fist.
    "Looks like this is bigger then we'd expected." Johnny said moving a hand across his white hair. "So what we gonna due?" James asked cracking his neck. "Were gonna bring in the other two members and find D.Cartus and make him talk." Johnny said coldly. "So Rick and Sid are comin back eh." James said with a small smile. "You seem happy." Johnny said setting his hands on the table. "Of course we have a clue on who killed The Street King and not only that but he's a high up the latter in the underworld." James said with another smirk. James was obiously excited ccause he was jittery.
    "We'll meet in time square in one week." Johnny said standing up. "Till next week." James responded also standing.