• Chapter 3: Catching Riolu

    Ryu, Rina, and Pikachu have made it to Arbru forest. " Wow, look at this forest!" said Ryu. " I bet there is lots of Pokemon to be caught!" " Let me read the Pokegear!" said Rina. Rina took out her Pokegear she got from Arena City's Pokemart. " It says here that there are a few rare Pokemon." said Rina. " Also there's a rumor about Riolu living here, too!" When Ryu heard that he took out his Pokedex. " Riolu, huh?" asked Ryu. "Riolu, the emanation Pokemon." said the Pokedex. " It has the peculiar power of being able to see emotions such as joy and rage in the form of waves." Ryu put his pokedex in his pocket. " I'm going to look for it." said Ryu. " Come on Pikachu!" " Pikachu!" said Pikachu following Ryu. Rina followed as well. User Image " Hey Ryu, are you sure you can find a Riolu?" asked Rina. " Of course, as long as I keep looking." answered Ryu. Ryu, Rina, Pikachu kept looking until they saw a Pokemon on small rocky hill. It was a Riolu. " A Riolu!" said Ryu. The Riolu's eyes were closed. " Rina what's it doing?" asked Ryu. " I think Riolu's concentrating so it can learn a new move I think." answered Rina. Riolu opened it's eyes. It's hand was in the air. Then a blue sphere was drawn from it's hand. Riolu, Rina, Ryu, and Pikachu were amazed. The sphere blasted into the sky. User Image " What was that move?!" asked Ryu. " That's aura sphere!" answered Rina. " Only Riolu and it's evolved form can learn the move. But a human can learn aura sphere too." Ryu was surprised. " Hey Riolu!" shouted Ryu. " Ryu, what do you think you're doing?" asked Rina. Riolu looked at Ryu. It used aura sphere on the ground to make smoke. " Wait Riolu!" said Ryu. The smoke cleared up, but Riolu was gone. Then a bot appeared. " Hey you!" said the boy. " What's your name?" " The names Ryu." answered Ryu. " I challenge you to a Pokemon Battle!" said the boy. Ryu smiled. " Challenge accepted!" said Ryu. " Go, Machop!" said the boy throwing his pokeball. Machop appeared fired up for battle. User Image " Go Quilava!" said Ryu throwing his Pokeball. Quilava appeared. " Machop use Karate Chop!" said the boy. Machop ran at Quilava and jumped in the air. " Quilava jump and use Flame Wheel!" said Ryu. Quilava jumped followed by Flame Wheel. Quilava missed Machop. "What?!" said Ryu. " Machop use Karate Chop!" said the boy. Machop karate chopped Quilava on the back. Quilava bashed to the ground. " Quilava!" shouted Ryu. Machop landed to the ground. Quilava got up. " Quilava use Quick Attack!" said Ryu. Quilava rushed Machop. It hit Machop but it recovered quickly. " Machop use Sesmic Toss!" said the boy. " Quilava dodge it quick!" said Ryu. Quilava dodged it but Machop grabbed it's foot and started spinning Quilava around. Then Machop let go. Quilava bashed through the trees and went into the forest. " Quilava!" shouted Ryu. Will Quilava make it and defeat Machop?

    End of Chapter 3