• Why are we here? What is the purpose of us on this Earth? Is
    it so we can change history, discover new things and learn from
    mistakes? Why don’t you tell me?

    Since the day I was born, everyone would tell me and my sister
    that we would change the world for the better. Make it different, move it forward. Only one of us would save the world from destruction. But they were sure it would be my older sister and not me, they took her to the most
    important place in the whole or North America. The headquarters. They
    took me to the second important place, the protector’s school.
    I bet you’re thinking, school? That doesn’t seem so
    important. But note the word before school. Protectors. They are the most important people
    publicly known to the world. Every country has at least one school. Protectors are the best fighters, mechanics and weapon builders there is. The schools maybe small, holding only about 100 protectors per school but we are good
    at what we do. We never fail. Never. I am a protector also.
    Now you know a little about me and what I am. If I am a
    protector then why am I standing here, staring at my sister’s who was to save the world grave? Well yuo see my siset kind of changed,and NOT in a good way.