• Luke:
    It's been a terrible five months. I haven't seen or heard from Kazzi since she passed out in class five months ago.

    Five months ago:
    I was in the barn at aunty's house.
    "Luke! Hurry up! Your going to be late!" yelled aunty. I looked at my watch and saw I had fifteen minutes to get to school. I ran out of the barn, threw my shirt off and threw in my truck as I got in, I found a cleaner shirt in the back and threw it on. I started the engine and drove off.
    I got to school five minutes late. I ran to world history, when I got there it wasn't the same. Every one was crowding around the center of the room. I managed to push myself through every one, thankfully I'm not on the scrawny side any more. But, when I looked at what was in front of me, I wished I never did.
    On the floor was Kazzi. Blood was guzzling down from her tan neck into her hair onto the floor. Kneeling next to her was a boy. He looked about our age, 16 years old. He was looking down at Kazzi, with a hand on her cheek. He looked up at me with yellow eyes, and gave me a wicked smile. But two of his teeth were sharp. He stood and left in a flash. The room had a different feel when he left. Every one seemed dazed at first but then snapped out of it when they looked at Kazzi. People panicked until some one called the ambulance. I kneeled next to Kazzi, I pulled her close to me in a hug and heard her whisper "Vampire," I looked at her and saw her eyes lose focas.
    The ambulance came right then and took her away they told me she was going to live but she would take along time to recover. They looked at me and something about them made me think they were werewolves and knew what happened just by looking at her.

    A month After the Attack:
    It's been a month. Still no sighn of Kazzi. What happened on the day she got hurt any how?
    I had so much questions but no one around can answer them. Kazzi's pack isn't any where to be found either. When she went missing, so did they.
    I searched all over the town and hills looking for the boy with yellow eyes. No sighn of him either.

    Three months after the attack:
    Nothing. No one from the other world is around.
    I don't know what to do. I miss hearing Kazzi laugh and ramble on to me.
    I miss Kazzi.
    People look at me with even more pity now that my only friend is missing. I hate it how am I supossed to live with all this pity? I don't want sympathy, I just want Kazzi back.

    Present Time:
    I guess I've gone a bit crazy but, what do you expect? I have no one but aunty to talk to. I guess no one can tell I've gone insane because I can't talk. All I can do is wait.

    The next day:
    I think I see Jet and Mike coming from up the road. Maybe it's just in my head... or not.
    "Luke!" yelled Jet, "Come with us!"
    I stood up and got in their car. They drove to Lee's house. When we got there I followed them into the house. Lee came out and nodded at us.
    I heard footsteps come from down the hall slowly come closer.
    The others stood and stared at the entrance to the dark hall. The footsteps drew closer until finally,
    "Hello Luke"

    ~To Be Continued~