• Restart

    The creators of Earth have decided that humans do not understand the meaning of life. They are selfish, greedy, ignorant, nasty, idiotic, evil, unkind, heartless and other such things. But the creators are forgiving. They have decided that humans should get a second chance… They will have to restart.

    Several humans are invited to an all expenses paid vacation to an unknown place. These humans are randomly selected from different places around the world. The plane is crashing, and these humans will have to know what to do if they wish to survive. The humans eventually run out of food. They either choose to stay, or split up and look for food.

    Upon looking for food, one party of humans will encounter a tribe of people called the Zai. These people believe in many animal gods, and that peace should come first. If there cannot be peace, then another action will be taken. The human party believes this is right.

    Another party meets the Zon tribe. Unlike the Zai tribe, these people believe in one animal god, the Eagle. For them, war is the answer. The human party believes this is right.

    These two tribes both have the ability to turn into animals. The Zai tribe usually has non-aggressive animals, while the Zon do have the opposite. Both tribes are enemies.

    Those humans who have been left behind, have became scared of the tribes and wish to not have any relations to them.

    One may choose who they join.

    The creators hope that the humans will know…

    That the humans will know… how to restart.