• Several sounds filled the air, spreading through the chill like a virus, infecting strand after strand carrying itself down a winding path. There were sounds of heavy breathing tied with sobs, thundering heart beats, and pounding foot steps. Waves of panic rushed though her, breaking her down ever so slowly.

    Nearing the end of what seemed like a deep hole, rather than the stretched out hallway that it was, she whipped sharply to the right with such force her body was slammed against the joining wall. A dreadful pain filled her shoulder, moving slowly down the entire side, ignored by the very frightened young girl.

    Several changes to the course were made, all with amazing precision each carrying her further and further. But her luck soon drew to a sharp and undesirable end, leading her into the first illuminated corridor she had seen.

    Footsteps echoing off of invisible walls her appearance could be clearly observed, not that it was something magnificent. A petite thing she was standing no taller than 5'1" slim but not to much, her frame covered by tattered and in some places nearly shredded clothing. The entire onsaumble was what appeared to be the remains of a simple yet appealing night gown, the white cotton caressed her attempting to bring about calm. Brunet locks cascaded down hugging her upper torso in a tight embrace, while honey colored orbs surround by the darkness of fear and worry, looked this way and that searching for safety. With none to be found.

    Then out of the gloom a haunting whimper resounded, its resonance both terrifying and sad. Continuing forward it made itself known, moonlight revealing it's hideous figure. She wanted to scream, to run, to hide, but she could not even manage to look away. Frozen like water in the winter, rooted to the very spot she stood like a tree. It would have been nearly the height of her if it carried itself correctly.