• Nov. 17th, 2125, 1800hrs.

    My name is Benardo Ramirez and it was November 17th, and i was deployed to the front line right after training. There were sending me to the Middle East to help with the war effort. The Middle East is the U.S.'s main supply of gasoline used in the war, and it was under attack. The Chinese are persistent on destroying our fuel supply.
    America has never had a military draft since the Vietnam war, it was back. You were expected to sign up for the military no matter what if you were a male. America was on its last legs, all the money America had was going towards the war effort, which brought the economy to its knees. The civilians were forced to defend on their own, it was like the Great Depression was back.
    I arrived at Fort Dura at 1900hrs., the whole base was full of Asesino Company. Fort Dura was (not done).