• My hand hovered over my headphones and touched down on my cell, i dialed Katherine's number and grabbed my I-Pod on the way out. I got into the car while chatting on the phone, put it in drive and drove off into the chilly morning mist. the highway was foggy, the river below us was out of sight , and the only thing keeping me from crashing are the headlights from my Cadillac. I reached for my morning coffee, one hand on the steering wheel, I spillt my steaming mocha and burned my hand, I jumped out of my seat and accidentally pushed full volume on my I-pod. I covered my ears in shock, no hands on the wheel this time.
    "Breaking News, a crashed Cadillac has drove off into the raging waters below the lions gate bridge, no body was found by the investigators. A seventeen old boy with jet black hair and cyan eyes was reported missing by his parents, details show us that he owned a Black Cadillac and was on his way to school using lions gate bridge as his voyage route." Investigators never found me, i was drifting off in the misty cold hair, i reached for my pocket, plugged in my ear phones, and listened to Linkin Park New Divide on my I-pod,until i drowned..

    The End