• CHAPTER 2: Doughnuts were his downfall

    tab As Rickshaw Traverses the city in search of clues, he meets up the lady in the tide commercial who said “Let’s wash the napkins!” She is disoriented by the fact that she cannot wash the napkins anymore. “You there.” said Rickshaw to the Tide Lady. “Do you know who ate all the doughnuts?” He asked. “Yes, it was Mr. T.” The Tide Lady answered. Rickshaw’s first clue! It’s written in the law of being a detective! Rule #425: He who eats all the doughnuts shall steal all the laundry detergent. Rickshaw now knows for sure that Mr. T stole all the Tide. Rickshaw and the Tide Lady team up to find Mr. T, and stop his evil plan.

    tab The next day, the newly formed team sets out to find Mr. T, who for some reason was in Singapore. They decide to split up, trying to find lead of Mr. T’s location. Rickshaw goes into the Appliance Direct, hoping he can find a witness. All of a sudden, an salesman comes out of the washing machine and says “Appliance D’irect!” Rickshaw, startled by the sudden ambush, pimp slaps the salesman. The salesman, who is dazed and confused now, crawls back into the washing machine. Rickshaw presses the “SUPER WASH” button on the Washing machine and continues on his search for clues. Meanwhile the Tide Lady searches for clues in a nearby Coffee shop with the sign reading “Your Mother.”

    tab The store ower starts to sing “Dugu Dugu, Dugu Dugu, Dugu Dugu, Dugu Dugu du Da da da!” Tide Lady knows that he’s been attacked by the addicting taste of Sawdust and Pizza. Yoda. The Tide lady finds the store’s doughnut section, which is empty, and footprints leading to America. She knows where Mr. T went.

    tab Meanwhile, Rickshaw, who is still in search of clues, searches all the appliances in the store. He finds a Hamster hiding in the fridge. The Hamster, startled that someone has found his location, lets out a loud shriek. Then the Hamster stops its shriek, and asks Rickshaw, “Can you spare some money? I’m doing my marathon, ‘Hammy’s Marathon of Hope.’” Rickshaw decides to pick Hammy up. “Trust.” Says Rickshaw. Hammy then proceeds to bite Rickshaw’s hand. “Ow! Hammy you doggie bag!” And that’s how it happened. The fated meeting of Rickshaw and Hammy. Rickshaw then puts Hammy in his Rickshaw.

    tab Then, The Tide Lady enters the room in a sort of rush. “Rickshaw! I know where Mr. T is! He’s in America... Also I bought a .50 Caliber Machine gun” “From a COFFEE SHOP?!?” Hammy Decides to steal it, and attach it to Rickshaw’s rickshaw using nothing but a rock, some rope and some duct tape. Thus transforming it to a prototype Battle Rickshaw! Rickshaw and Tide Lady are both surprised in Hammy’s excellent ‘engineering’.