• "Luna, if you don't hurry we're going to be late!" Erika yelled from the bottom of the stairs. Trying my best to ignore her, I pulled my hair into a delicate bun and straightened my clothes. Nothing today was going to go wrong. Nothing. Then I happened to glance over at the clock.
    "Damn it!" I grabbed my backpack and rushed down the stairs, nearly having a head-on collsion with a annoyed, bratty 12 year old who looked like she was ready to rip my head off. Erika stomped her foot indignantly.
    "Luna! I have been waiting forever out here for you! You know Mom won't let me-Hey, wait up!"
    I was already out the door and heading towards the bus stop. I was meantally calculating our chances of getting there on time while trying to suppress Erika's ramblings into the backround.
    Then a honk behind me made me turn.
    My best friend, Audrey, was leaning out the window of her car, waving frantically at us. She parked crooked on the curb, looking expectantly at me.
    "Well? You want a ride or not?"
    I hesitated. Audrey wasn't the best of drivers, but-
    The sharp blare of the horn interupped my thoughts.
    "Come on! We're burning daylight here!"
    I gulped and climbed in. Erika did the same. Audrey pulled off and accelearated down the road.
    "So.....um, Audrey," I started nervously. "Are you excited about the festival today?"
    She threw up her arms, and the car swerved dangerously to the left.
    "Am I ever! I'm gonna be helping with the fireworks display."
    "Um, Audrey?"
    "Oh." She put her hands back on the steering wheel. I watched Erika unclench her fists and breathed in slowly. Erika and I rode the rest of the way in silence, listening to the torturous sound of Audrey's voice. I loved her, but sometimes she didn't know when to shut up.
    Finally, the car stopped in front of Gregory High. Erika jumped out immeadiately and began to head down the street towards the middle school. Audrey sped off. I assumed she would meet me before homeroom. I sauntered slowly through the wraught iron gates, scanning the students meandering in the courtyard. Everybody was either chatting about the featival, or the crazy girl who ran over a teacher yesterday in the student parking lot. I plopped down on a bench and gazed up at the fluffly, white clouds.
    My realaxation time was cut short when I heard a very distinctive scream. I sighed and watched Audrey sprint towrds me at full speed. But something was different this time. She was towing along two people who looked very similar to Audery. Same jet balck hair, unfocused eyes that saw nothing, rounded face, and square shoulders. Audrey stopped in front of me.
    "Luna, I want you to meet my cousins, Katie and Nick."
    Katie blushed and offered me a very impromptu hi. Then I looked at Nick and my heart stopped. His eyes were trained on ym face, like they could see right through me. I shifted uncomfortably on the bench.
    Audrey punched Nick's arm.
    "Nick! Be nice and say hi to Luna!"
    He sighed. "Hello, Luna."
    Hagino looked at the tower clock.
    "We have to go! Teach will kill me if I'm late again."
    She ran off, her unfortunate cousins stalking behind her.
    I frowned. What was that look Nick had given me? I managed to drag myself off the bench and began to pile in with the rest of the students. One thing rang clear to me.

    Audrey's cousin was trouble.