• The world of Morin is under siege by the space Nazi death fleet that now purges the world of all life that does not rhyme with Nazi. Cloud and vaan stand by the noble defenders of Morin, there gay love ruse broken. Yes, it was all a ruse by the government of Morin to hold back the Nazi strike recon forces. Cloud has since married yuna and is raise a child with her. However, vaans heart is heavy form battle and war knowing that his love cloud never loves him that way. He now leads the Morin 51 Doom Heralds on suicide raids against the Nazi forces. Morin is lost the Nazis take block after block of Morin's cities and soon they will conquer this planet, cloud, and vaan with it.

    Cloud: Vaan I never want it to be like this, I always thought we had more time but I was wrong. Just know that I loved you once and wished I was gay then things would be less complicated.

    Vaan listens to clouds words of regret but cares not, what has been done is done vaan is a war chief now his only concern is his men his ripped, tone, sweaty, pulsating men. He looks up

    Vaan: save your apologies for your whore son and b***h wife. Were done I get that but do not cloud my mind with feels before battle Tit flyer.

    The drop ship lands in Morin citadel the doors open, cloud, and vaan walk out, vaan goes to his doom heralds sitting by some empty ammo crates. While cloud goes to were, his wife and a few refugees wait for the drop ship off planet. He walks over to his wife and kisses her.

    Cloud: hey girl you all right?

    Yuna: yeah I am glad to get off this dead rock please cloud come with us there is no honor here, come and raise your son.

    Cloud: I wish I could but they need me here, this is our home and if there is even a small chance to save it I will take it. I am not going to let the Nazis take it from us.

    Yuna cries and kiss cloud passionately, knowing full well her husband is not going to see his son become a man or make sweet love to her the way only a straight man pretending to be a gay man for 7 years can.

    Yuna: I love you cloud, please take this and never forget us.

    Yuna hands him a small trinket with a star on it.

    Cloud: It will never leave my hands; I want you to bury me on the stars so I can guide you to a new redemption.

    Yuna: that does not make sense; I always love your pretentious musings cloud.

    They give each other a last kiss and yuna and their son board the drop ship she waves to clouds as the doors close and the ship takes off. Cloud walks over to the command tent and meets the noble defenders after a few hours of Intel exchanges a solider runs in with grim news.

    Grunt: sir the death fleet attack the civilian trade vestal the civilians were on.

    Jim the leader: they said that they would honor the agreement and not attack vestal mark for Civ evacuate.

    Cloud: where is my wife grunt did she make it?

    Grunt: reports say no drop ships made it out of the kill zone, she dead.

    Cloud roars like a man whose wife just died. All he love was gone there son murder by cold machines of war his family was now lost in the void of space and in the void of memory. His heart became like lead grey and dead caring no more for the joys of life for him they were gone like so many dreams of a wheel chair bound child never to dance or run in the fields of his home land. What had once been a heart full of honor and caring for his fellow man had died and rotted like so many corpses on the battlefield. He thought only of blood and pain now to spend his last days on this black planet in anger and vengeance he would make each Nazi feel the bottomless well of sorrow and powerlessness he felt when his wife and son die alone and afraid in the depths of a cold void. All who saw this in cloud felt sorrow and fear for when he was on the battlefield he was more dangerous than death its self.

    Vaan: Yo, cloud u mad?

    Cloud: Get the other characters and meet me at the gates the main Nazi force will not be far behind after the civilian murders they want this world they will have to rip it form our hands.

    Vaan: Hey, cloud I am sorry about all I said if it means anything, I still loves you and will fight by you my friend.

    Cloud places his hand on vaans shoulder and smiles they move to were the other game characters are and begin to address them.

    Cloud: you are all here to fight the Nazi threat and I am thankful to you. So what say you lich king, master chief Mario?

    Lich king: the scourge is at your disposal gay one we will not fail you

    Master Chief and noble team lacking full functioning brains drool and smash their heads on the floor cloud takes that as a yes. However, as Mario begins to speak an assassin dagger lodges into his throat.

    Ezio: there will be only one Italian you will need this day. I shall help you.

    Cloud: and what of you john Marston?

    John Marston: the way I see it them Nazi do not much care for anyone, sure I will help.

    Soon all game charters are ready to help, the Medal of Honor soldiers lacking any individual thought of their own stare deadly at cloud in agree meant. Even Finn the human joins in!

    Finn: Mathematical

    Vaan: Doom heralds this day we shall live up to our name!

    And with that they are into the fray as the artillery shells the advance the noble Finn takes out his back pack and destroys the shells with his great shield of back packry. The lich king summons great dragons that burn the Nazi troops in icy fire. Master Chief makes a perfect human shield for the people who matter, and soon they are upon the Nazi troops.

    Cloud: what is a four-letter word that rhymes with ******** you, DIE!

    Cloud jams his hands into the eye stocks of a Nazi commander. Soon a great battle force throws the heroic charge on its head. They are forced to fall back to the gates and john Marston, lich King, Finn and ezio stay behind to halt the Nazi advance but soon must retreat to high ground and board a space ship so they can go back to their respective intellectual properties.

    Soon cloud and Vaan are over run and all hope is lost they look at each other for one last time.

    Vaan: cloud before we go into that dreamless sleep let me hold you one last time.

    Cloud: they cannot take us from each other we will go into oblivion together.

    They hold each other as the Nazi artillery rips apart the Morin citadel as rocks crash around them they look at each other and decide to give the Nazis 1 more act of defiance. They rush head long into the battle force and are torn apart by gunfire. They die together and the world of Morin belongs to the Nazi king. He rules for years and in those years good men try to fight back and good men ultimately fail. There is no hope for Morin it stays in Nazi hands for 500 years. All was and is lost for the small plant.

    Tifa looks at her data pad, looks at her girlfriend yuffie, and says….

    Tifa: hey girl I got some bad news cloud and Vaan are six feet under and Morin has fallen.

    Yuffie: no this is not sad now is the new beginning for the Yuri land of Tifa and yuffie in New York and of course Finn the human Boy.

    Finn burse though the wall and screams Mathematical while Tifa yells here catch phrases.

    Tifa: Death to the false p***s!!!!!


    ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fflGKcyIMR4) please goes here for the end credits song and what not

    BY Orlag the waking AKA Her Killer

    Well that the end but it is also a new beginning kids. look forward to more stories pups and keep cool