• As a person say to another,
    life is just by itself and nothing else.
    But it is apart of you
    and some people dont know that.

    IF a person dies that you do know but know,
    then its just like the same if you die.
    Mabe some people dont care if you die and some might.
    But when you die,
    who knows what will happen.
    You dont know if you'll stay in the human world
    or go somewhere else.

    WHo even knows, mabe god is there so when your ready,
    hw will be there.
    Who knows whats in the world
    or even in space but if you want to die,
    don't. Theres more to life then you expect.

    Dont kill yourself if things are down.
    They will get better.
    Trust me.

    To be continued............