• Hello.
    My name is Aqua Marina. I prefer to be called Shark Girl, or Sharky.
    If you are from my former kingdom in Atlantis, please keep this a secret from my father, Poseidon.
    I remember many years ago, as a small child, I used to love the idea of ruling an entire unknown city with a glorious king at my side. I remember when I used to dream of exchanging my outgrown princess tiara for a Royal crown fit for a great queen. I remember when I used to play like any normal child, yet I would be excluded out of friendships for being half-human. I remember when I used to laugh and smile at the sight of my kingdom and my family. I also remember the faint and fragile memory of my mother.
    Of course, this is true. Well, it's as true as it might seem. I really wish I could go back into my childhood and relive the peaceful past of my life. Unfortunately, it is not possible to do such time travel.
    But now I must forget the past and focus on my future and private mission. I hope to succeed; or else I have risked my joyous past and life for nothing.

    .....more coming soon!