• I could hear chattering around me. Nine or ten people. The pain was gone, thank god! I was right- there were ten people surrounding a half-red half-white couch. Pale- white strangers stood around me. Black eyes stared into my soul. I sat up slowly, revealing my pale hands that were as pale them. I looked at them again, trying to figure out if it was just an illusion or me. I turned my body of the couch and noticed my legs were white too. Pale white. As I stood up my legs hit the hard coffee table. Surprisingly of how hard I hit my shins on the coffee table, they didn’t bleed. I looked down at them to check in disbelief. I probably looked awkward, if I were watching me. My throat started to burn more than it did before. It felt like I had laryngitis and a sore throat, but it was worse than that.
    “Ahh, be-u-t-iful.” A blonde male said emphasizing beautiful.
    “Indeed Carlisle.” A pixie-like girl replied.
    “Yes Alice, she will make a beautiful vampire.” Carlisle said the blonde male.
    I stared at them in disbelief. This can’t be true. Vampires aren’t true; maybe they’re just some kidnappers trying to fool me to give them my money. Even if “vampires” were true, wouldn’t they have the room all dark and have a coffin for me and a human with some blood and some of them would be in bat form and wouldn’t I feel my fangs and. . . . . . . .
    I noticed I was able to stand. No wheelchair in sight either. The strangers circled around me once more, only because the pixie-like girl, Alice screamed.
    “Stop!!!” She paused for a brief moment, “She has a gift too.”
    What could this Alice girl being talking about? A gift? Finally I spoke, “Whattt? I’m sorry, I don’t have a gift.” I screamed, still in confusion. “Wait, like a present? Am I supposed too?”
    A muscular man with brown hair stepped forward, “A gift is like a power, except only certain vampires have them. Alice for example can see the future.” He pointed at the pixie-like girl who looked like she blushed- except vampires don’t have any blood. “Edward can read minds.” He pointed to the bronze hair colored man. “Bella can create a metal shield and little Renesmee can tactile through projection.”
    “Thanks,” I mumbled.