• The music in the background was the only reminder of her presence that was no longer, I wasn't sure why she had left. She hadn't told me what had bothered her so much, I knew she liked me but she always shown that she wanted Celeste and I to be happy together. I sat on my bed for about twenty minutes contemplating where I had gone wrong in our friendship and why I was feeling lost without her here.
    My phone began to vibrate and I noticed the caller I.D as Elizabeth's mother.
    "Hello," I answered, my gut sinking. I knew something bad had happened. Elizabeth's mother never called me unless they were having a problem with Elizabeth's father or something was urgent.
    "Umm, yes. Daniel, have you heard anything from Elizabeth, I've tried calling her five times and she hasn't picked up," I stood up, that's strange, it doesn't matter if it's against the law, Elizabeth always answers her phone... Even more so that she left my house about twenty minutes ago and her home is only about ten minutes from here. I sighed, trying to hold back fear for Elizabeth's mother's sake.
    "Well, she left here not too long ago, I was actually about to go for a drive, I'll look for her car and Elizabeth while I'm out. I'll give you a call if I find her," I said and she ended the conversation with a Thank you and hung up quickly and I rushed out the door.
    "Dammit Elizabeth! What have you gotten yourself into?!" I was so mad, I was screaming at myself like she was standing in front of me. I got in my car and quickly took the way to Elizabeth's home and about half way there I noticed a crash to the right side of the street. No other cars must have been around when it happened and there was no one to see it, it was fields the only thing that surrounded this part of town. I sighed, now I would have to call an ambulance which took time out of searching for Elizabeth. I pulled to the side of the street and got out of my car to check out the scene. The crash was pretty horrible, One car was side ways in the ditch and the other car was went through the first car and was practically in a vertical line straight in the air. The driver in the first car had almost no chance to survive. As I got closer to the cars, I noticed the plates of the car on its side.
    "ELIZABETH!" I ran to the car screaming. "Oh god no! Please No! Elizabeth!" I quickly dialed 911 on my phone and talked to the lady on the line. I felt the tears escape me. There was no way she could have survived.
    A few hours later

    I couldn't retain myself, I was crying and way to much. I somehow managed to make the call to Elizabeth's parents letting them know I found her car but she was more then likely dead.
    I refused to leave while the lifted the other car out of Elizabeth's car, she would have done the same for me. I watched as the placed the man on the stretcher and took him away in one of the ambulances. The other one was waiting for Elizabeth, I was a distance away when they pulled Elizabeth's mangled body from her car, I didn't have to be anywhere close to see how much blood she was losing or how bad her wounds were. I knew there was no chance in saving her.
    There was no way I could drive after seeing that sight. I pulled my phone out.
    "Celeste, I need you to do me a favor. Don't do anything rash, however, I've been fooling myself into thinking we were meant to be together. However there was an event that happened tonight that opens my eyes now. I need to leave.
    Elizabeth is dead!
    Now, I need to let you know it has always been us three and now that we lost one of our three we cant go on, not without her.
    As much as I kept denying myself the fact, she was the one for me. You'll always be a part of my life just not the way she was. You cant replace her, no one can.
    I loved her and I still do.
    This is goodbye."
    I left the voicemail so that way she didn't go through too much pain. The pain I felt right now was enough for all three of us...
    I'm not sure I can walk away from this
    To be continued?: Undecided.