• As the sun lays her head down to rest the moon rises up.

    Yawning and stretching prepared for night to come.

    She looks down on the earth seeing everyone go to sleep,

    smiling she watches as each of the lights go out.

    Crickets sing, wind blowing, the fresh damp air.

    From all the wonders around her she dances and dances making the stars shine;

    but then it stopped.

    The crickets lost there voices, the wind blackened, and the air stunk, the moon

    was frightened by all of this, loud noises swallowed the silence, bright lights covering

    the stars.

    Scared she hid behind the clouds, the stars becoming dimmer and dimmer engulfed

    by the many blinding lights below.

    She hides and hides when ever the strange noises and lights are around, but on dark

    silent nights she comes out.

    Although she doesn't dance and shine like she did she still tries her hardest to make us