• Prologue
    Pain is the magic word. Pain that you can’t see. Pain that burns. Pain that makes you feel like you’re going to die any second. Pain that makes you want pain more. Pain is life. Pain is what this is. Pain.
    I’m floating. Floating in a sea of darkness. Death is relaxing, but scary. You can’t really see anything- except memories. Memories. I see myself being born, even though I don’t remember it, playing in the sprinkler, then playing in the chocolate color mud. Seeing my mom get remarried, her smiling face through the floral veil. My mom telling me we’re going to be expecting a new baby. Being accepted to the acting academy in Seattle. Training for my first big movie. Death wouldn’t be so bad, like this.
    Bad memories suddenly reached my head. First, my dad abusing me leaving purple and yellow bruises along my arms and legs. Being pushed of my apartment building in New York by some murder who hoped I die, I only came out with a concussion, luckily. Watching my step-dad go through lung cancer, medical treatment every day, seeing him get worse and worse, than better and better. Finally, being shot three or four times in the back. I can still remember it as like it just happened. My back hurt and suddenly still felt blood dripping down my back. I had to be escorted to the hospital. Millions of doctors surrounded me. I couldn’t see but, I could hear all the things they were saying.
    I once heard the T.V reporter say something, “There’s a shooter on the loose. He/she has shot 16 year-old Elina Rodriguez in the back multiple times. She is now in critical condition. If you have any information please contact your local police department.”
    As I lay, in this stupid hospital bed or wherever I am, I kept thinking, is this death? Over and over again. How long is this going to last?
    I once heard one of the doctors saying I was paralyzed, everywhere. They said if I wake up, I’ll be in a wheelchair forever. They didn’t think I could live through this. I couldn’t die, not this young.
    Light footsteps crossed the room. There was whispering I couldn’t make out. Then, the light footstep doctor approached me, put his hands on my shoulder and neck, moved my blonde hair out of the way and bit me. Excruciating pain rumbled through me body. I’m dying. From head to toe my body was shaking. This is what death feels like.
    2. What Am I?

    I could hear chattering around me. Nine or ten people. The pain was gone, thank god! I was right- there were ten people surrounding a half-red half-white couch. Pale- white strangers stood around me. Black eyes stared into my soul. I sat up slowly, revealing my pale hands that were as pale them. I looked at them again, trying to figure out if it was just an illusion or me. I turned my body of the couch and noticed my legs were white too. Pale white. As I stood up my legs hit the hard coffee table. Surprisingly of how hard I hit my shins on the coffee table, they didn’t bleed. I looked down at them to check in disbelief. I probably looked awkward, if I were watching me. My throat started to burn more than it did before. It felt like I had laryngitis and a sore throat, but it was worse than that.
    “Ahh, be-u-t-iful.” A blonde male said emphasizing beautiful.
    “Indeed Carlisle.” A pixie-like girl replied.
    “Yes Alice, she will make a beautiful vampire.” Carlisle said the blonde male.
    I stared at them in disbelief. This can’t be true. Vampires aren’t true; maybe they’re just some kidnappers trying to fool me to give them my money. Even if “vampires” were true, wouldn’t they have the room all dark and have a coffin for me and a human with some blood and some of them would be in bat form and wouldn’t I feel my fangs and. . . . . . . .
    I noticed I was able to stand. No wheelchair in sight either. The strangers circled around me once more, only because the pixie-like girl, Alice screamed.
    “Stop!!!” She paused for a brief moment, “She has a gift too.”
    What could this Alice girl being talking about? A gift? Finally I spoke, “Whattt? I’m sorry, I don’t have a gift.” I screamed, still in confusion. “Wait, like a present? Am I supposed too?”
    A muscular man with brown hair stepped forward, “A gift is like a power, except only certain vampires have them. Alice for example can see the future.” He pointed at the pixie-like girl who looked like she blushed- except vampires don’t have any blood. “Edward can read minds.” He pointed to the bronze hair colored man. “Bella can create a metal shield and little Renesmee can tactile through projection.”
    “Thanks,” I mumbled.