• Chapter Six
    Freeze. Rewind.

    Eve stood there, staring up at Aaron. He had heard her!!

    "W-what are you talking about?" she stuttered. That's right, she told herself. Play dumb. You do it well enough most of the time anyway.

    "You just said you were falling in love with the 'new guy'," he repeated, obviously amused by this.

    Eve stood up straight and put her hand on her hip, a clear show of her defiance. "I don't know what you're talking about. You should get your ears checked, becuase I think you're hearing things," she countered. then she had a thought. "What are you doing here anyways?" Obvious change of subject, for the win!

    "Oh, right, Mr. Evans sent me after you to make sure that you were alright. And I did only to stumble upon a surprising confession of love," he teased.

    "I told you, I didn't say anything!" she said, stomping her left foot for emphasis. Jeez, couldn't the guy take a hint?

    He patted her head and just laughed. "Whatever you say little rabbit."

    She smacked his hand away and glared at him. Ugh he was getting on her last nerve! Why must he always tease her?! But the second she looked straight into those big brown eyes of his, her knees got weak and she felt like she was going to melt.

    To her surpris, her knees did indeed give out on her and she began to fall. But Aaron, the wanna-be-knight-in-shining-armour he was, caught her around the waist. Her face turned red faster than you could say, "Oh crap I'm falling in front of the guy I love".

    "Careful, little rabbit," he cooed softly, "Don't want you falling off those lucky feet."

    Eve grabbed into the collar of Aaron's white polo shirt as she was about to fall. She hadn't noticed anything because she was too lost in the two big puddles of melted chocolate that stared into her deep emeral eyes. she quickly regained her conscious mind and pushed him away, pulling herself up on her own two feet.

    He laughed at her. "You're kinda cute when you get so flustered," he teased.

    All that did was make her blush even more. "S-shut up!" she said and started to storm off to the infirmary. She could hear him behind her, but she kept her focus in front of her.

    The nurse gave her a clean bill of health and Eve walked out of the alcohol-smelling office. Aaron was leaning against the ugly teal wall waiting for her outside. She loved the way he leaned so casually against the wall. Lost in her thoughts, she didn't hear him say anything.

    "Are you a space rabbit now?" he joked.

    She playfully punched his arm and they headed off to the athletics wing of the school for fifth period gym.

    ~To Be Continued~