• People in this world say that we are who we make ourselves to be. We walk on the path that we've built for ourselves. They also say that we only have one life to live and you should make yourself who you want to be. For me, I have an unlimited amount of time, time to be who I want and to build a path, however that's the thing I hate most. I don't want to be different, I want to be the same as everyone else who was in my class. That was fifty years ago, I've been twenty-one for twenty-nine years. Obviously I have to keep moving around and switching my identity.
    I was now currently living in the United States, it's a much different culture than the previous places that I had lived. In fact I was born here in the U.S but I told myself I wouldn't come back until I felt it was time.
    I decided that I was going to live for a few years in the home that my mother was trying to raise me in. The house was slowly rotting away and probably wasn't worth my time to fix but I had plenty of time.
    "So you're my new neighbor?" A man with shaggy black hair came up behind me and seriously made me jump.
    "Is that how you greet all your neighbors?" I turned to face him with a stubborn look on my face with my arms crossed around my chest. The man laughed at my response and I couldn't help but give him a look of annoyance.
    "Only the hot ones," he said still laughing. I rolled my eyes and went back to looking at the home, I noticed that all of the homes around were vacant.
    "No wonder why you have no neighbors," I wasn't exactly sure if he heard me or not but at this point I really didn't care. The house was placed a few football fields away from the other homes and I smiled at the idea of not having neighbors who were only feet away from my font door.
    "The name is Collin," the man reached out his hand for me to shake and shrugged it off with a roll of my eyes again. "What is your name, beautiful?" He was far from flattering me, in fact he was actually annoying me. After my past experience with people, I have no patience for them.
    "Lessly, now if you don't mind, I have to tend to my house." He gave me a wonderful smile and winked at me.
    "I'll talk to you later then, Lessly. I'm just next door if you need anything," I was a little put off by his sentence, especially the last word. I could almost hear the seductive tone in his voice and it made my stomach turn almost making me up chuck. I just rolled my eyes again and entered my house. With that I sighed and gave the entrance a nice long look before sitting in front of the door. Work would begin soon and I was not looking forward to cleaning this pile of dust that I was calling my home.