• I never thought that his three little words would spark such a flame in my heart. It never crossed my mind that his lips would feel so soft. Even the blood on his lips was as sweet as honey. It never came to me that I would love my rival.

    "I don't wanna go! I don't!" Isamu's little fist dug into my back.
    "Stop hitting me and its 'I don't want to go home.' Its improper to say 'wanna'."
    "Wanna! Wanna! Wanna! Wanna!"
    "Now you're just being annoying." I carried my little step brother back to Dad's car. "Has he been a pest all day?" he asked as I handed him the screaming brat. I sighed, rubbing the back of my neck. "Well, he hasn't ran off as much as he used too. I think he is starting to like me." I watched Dad wrestle him into the back seat. Isamu stuck his tongue out at me and I just smiled. "I'll see you later." Dad said, crawling into the drivers seat.
    "Be careful!" I shouted as they drove off. Finally, free of Isamu and free to do as I please. I ran back to the festival, ready to spend the rest of my night in peace.

    It was screaming for me like a long lost lover screaming, "Ryuu! Ryuu! Ryuu!" I passed every game and food stand there was. My lover was waiting for me. The chocolate strawberries where in my sight. I was steps away from it when A tall, young man steps before me. His kimono was a tranquil scene of yellow cranes flying over red and orange swamps draped over his intimidating body. His cold, icy eyes make me shiver. "What do you want Shun?" I asked, trying to sound brave, but I take it I failed because he chuckled and leaned down closer to me. My whole body froze with fear. "Come on, Ryuu. Do you really think I'm here to hurt you?"
    I had to be honest. "Yes."
    "Well, today I'm going to be nice. I just want to talk." He straighten himself back to his proper position and patted my head. "Okay?" I shivered and nodded.
    "Good." he draped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me close to him. I tired to calm myself with the thought of the sweet strawberries that I would eat after being beaten up.

    I knew he was lying right off the bat. He lead me away from the festival and into the park across the street. I was escorted into a thicket of trees where we were greeted by three boys. All three wore animal masks: A rabit, tiger, and an ox. They all appeared as tall and menacing as Shun. The boy with the ox masks stepped forward. "So you brought your old boyfriend along?" he asked. The other two snickered. Shun, instead of pushing me to them as a meal for their blood thirsty desires, held me close and protectively. I looked up at him, confused and bewildered. He payed no attention to me, his eyes focused on the ambushers.
    "I told you three to stay away!" he growled. So, he does really want me for himself. Oh, s**t.
    "Everyone knows already. You're not our boss anymore! Get him!" The rabbit dashed forward. Shun pushed me away and grabbed his on coming fist. "Ryuu-kun!" he yelled at him, flipping the other over. "Get out of here!"
    Ryuu-kun? He has not called me that since the sixth grade. Me and Shun were attached to the hip, like lovers, all through grade school. In middle school, something happened. I think it was peer pressure, but one day he just started beating on me. I was just as confused as I was then, but he still told me to run. He wouldn't call me Ryuu-kun if he wanted me to run into another ambush. I had to trust him this time, so I took his advice and ran into the clearing of the park.

    I then sat there and waited. I bit my bottom lip, confused on what to do. I checked my watch. Only ten minutes had gone by, but I couldn't help but worry. I was about to get up and go back to him when I saw him stagger out. I didn't now who's blood was on his face, but he looked pretty bruised. "Shun!" I called. I ran into his arms and steadied him. "I'll get the first aid." I said.
    "No." He held me close to his warm body. "Ryuu-kun. I'm sorry for everything. I just didn't know what was going on back then." Our eyes met. Even beaten up he still looked handsome.
    "Its alright. We were stupid when we were young." I said, blushing slightly.
    "Ryuu-kun. I never got to tell you this before because I was so afraid. I love you."
    I blinked. "What?"
    "I said I love you."
    "Shun..." Before I knew it, his lips were wrapped around mine in a soft kiss. I leaned forward kissing him back. I couldn't believe I was so stupid as to not see it before. Shun, I love you too. I always will.