• ~Flashback~

    "Alex," She whisper my name.

    In the dark I could not see her, but only the silhouette shape of her form sitting next to the window. We were alone in her room, as I, her protector, watch her as the minute turns into hours, until she summons me.

    "Yes, my Lady?" I answered.

    "You can call me Mother if you like." She said, as she briefly turn her attention to me before looking back out of the window. "You are my daughter after all, Alexandria."

    I bit my lip. "As you wish...Mother."

    The silence grew.

    No one spoke for a moment. I knew she was right about everything. Disguising myself as a gentlemen for the protection of this family. I was the second heir of this family if the first son failed to run the family business. I will be taking that role.

    For years, I've been train to act like a gentleman. How to treat a lady at a daily crisis, and so which it may be. I was under protection from the public. My name was changed, my recent past was erased, but mostly my gender was sealed shut from the world. I am now known as a seventeen year old, Alexander Kinmichi. The adopted child of Anne-Sophie Grantaine; mother of Tamaki Suoh and husband of Yuzuru Suoh.

    "Do you miss her?" Anne-Sophie suddenly ask me. Her words sincere and soft, causing my heart to ache in pain.

    "Yes." I choked out.

    I went up and stood next to her. Also, watching the view throughout the city lights. It shimmers in brilliance, and sparkle against the descending twilight. The city is beautiful by the riches of its agriculture and fine designs of many constructed buildings. This is the rich and beautiful France.

    "How far are you willing to save her?" She ask.

    "In a heart beat."


    I took a peak at her, and smiled.

    "Why, may I ask." I ask."You have already known everything about me."

    "Then will you save my son and bring him back to me?" She overlapped my question.

    I was taken aback."Madam."

    "You'll watch over him for me, won't you?" Her pressing words deepens inside my heart, and squeezes it towards sympathy.

    I knelt down on my behalf, and hold onto her right hand."With my life."

    * * * *

    The bell run for lunch break. I stop and stare about the classmates as they exited the room with one more look at me, and then left.

    I sigh."Good."

    I stroll out the class room after the last group of students, and followed them to the cafeteria. I didn't bother to stay in line. Instead, I went to the vending machine, and bought myself coffee. I waiting for my cup to fill, and sense two presence behind me. I didn't turn around, but knew they were talking to me.

    "So you're the knew kid." A voice said. Probably a male.

    I grab my cup filled with coffee and added cream and sugar. Not bother to reply.

    "Hmm, he is a looker too." Another voice said.

    My face redden in embarrassment, and I turn myself around to glare at them. To my surprise, they where the Hitachinn Twins. Kaoru and Hikaru Hitachinn, both age 16, with reish brown hair that is spike back. Both have flipped their hair opposite of each other.They're the devious ones. In short, they are not to be trusted.

    I narrowed my eyes at then."What."

    "Oh, he's got an attitude too." Hikaru said. He looks like he could be him. Oh well, don't care."I like it."

    I raised one of my eyebrows in question.

    Kaoru gasp."You like him more than your dear brother?!"

    "No! Never!" Hikaru exclaim. I watch as he pulled his brother close by Kaoru's waste, too close, towards his body. Slowly carelessness Kaoru's face, that was inches from his."I would never do such things to you, Kaoru."

    "Hikaru." Kaoru whispers back, as he was on a verge of tears.

    Homosexuals. I thought immediately, as one of my eyes twitched in irritation. I herd the screaming girls cheer them on in the background, and got even more annoyed.

    "This is not a normal school." I breathe out with a sigh.

    "Will you two cut that out!" A voice behind the Hitachinn twins said."That's not the way you should introduce yourself to a new student."

    Hikaru and Kaoru both looked at each other, nodding in silent agreement,and looked behind them.

    "Well we did the same thing towards you." Hikaru said.

    "And you were fine about it." Kaoru said.

    I herd the person sigh."Just move aside."

    The boy, or a girl, pushed them self between them ,and stood in front of me.

    "Fifteen year old, Haruhi Fujioka." I said immediately. I blinked, then realized I just made a mistake,and was too late to take my words back.

    I covered my mouth.

    Haruhi looked at me curiously."You know who I am?"

    "Hmm..."Kaoru hummed. He rested his left elbow on Haruhi's right shoulders, and looked at me intently."So he does."

    "I wonder how?"Hikaru asked, and did the same position as his brother.

    Damn. I thought, as I took a step away.

    "You're the first commoner here." I quickly said. The twins looked at each other, then back at me to continue."Why shouldn't anyone get interested in how you get into this school?"

    "Oh." Haruhi said, a bit annoyed at my comment.

    I bit my lip out of guilt.

    I moved around the three people."Excuse me."

    I made myself purposely walk close to Haruhi. Barely brushing her shoulder.

    "Sorry about that." I whisper as low as I could for Haruhi to hear. As I walked out of the cafeteria, I felt Haruhi's eyes followed me till I disappear from her view.

    * * * *

    The blistering sun was hot above my head, but the breeze of the wind helps cool me down. I was on the rooftop of the school. Staring across the campus, as I let my mind drifted elsewhere.

    I don't know how long I could be here, in the school, with these people. They live a totally different life from me, excluding Haruhi. Her life is quite similar, yet different from mind to begin with. I was only here to watch over Tamaki, but how could I do that with so many eyes watching my every move. The only way that I could think of, is to wait. Then, when these students have no interest of my existent, then I'll have my chance. I need to confront him privately. He must know about his mother. Why I was sent here to deliver him a message. So I could finish my own personal matters.

    "But time is wasting." I said to practically no one. I took the last sip of my coffee, and was about to turn my self towards the door, when my body froze. I stare at the crack door that leads downstairs. Two pairs of dark eyes were staring at me intently. It didn't react as I caught them.

    I scowled.

    The eyes didn't move.

    "What do you what?" I question.

    The sound of my voice must of reach their ears. Because the next thing I knew, the door open widely, but the eyes disappear from view. The wind blew past me, as it causes my hair to block my eyes. I didn't feel him behind me, when I felt my body hit the ground from the hit.

    "What the hell?" I ask, as I turn my attention towards my attacker, a very short attacker. I couldn't see his face, but only the silhouette of him and his companion.

    The person grabbed something from his companion and was coming at me. I closed my eyes for something to hit me again. It never came.

    I slowly open my eyes, and blinked in confusion.

    The person handed me a piece of cake on the plate that his companion was holding.

    "Eat." The person said. His voice was childlike like the shape of his form.

    "What if-"

    "Eat." The boy repeated, cutting my sentence short.

    I looked at him, then at the cake. Unsure if this is some type of joke, or if the cake is poison or not.

    I sigh in defeat. Grabbing the fork from the plate, took a piece of the cake, and plop it in my mouth. The sweetness filled my mouth like fireworks.

    I blinked in surpise."That delicious."

    "I know right!" The boy exclaim happily. He turn his body away from the sun, so I could see his face.

    I was surprised that is was seventeen year old, Mitsukuni Haninozuka, also know as Honey. I looked over at the Honey's companion.

    Then he must be Takashi Morinozuka, but is called Mori-sempai. I thought.

    "Here have some more!" Honey said cheerily. Then his eyes went a moment of threat."Or else."

    Great, I've just been attacked by a cake addict, cute stuff animal lover, karate kid fighter, and his butt-kicking companion. What else could this crazy school give me?