• Ava spun around, her eyes blazing. Kyan stood there, looking sorry for himself. His eyes found Ava’s and he somehow found the courage to reply to her, “At least you want to be here.”

    Ava stalked closer to Kyan until they were nose to nose.

    She gave a bitter laugh. “You think I want to be here with a self-absorbed, stupid, snotty brat of a boy like you? You think I like being told everyday that I am worthless? That I should have died?”

    Kyan had the decency to look slightly ashamed.

    “Or, did you forget? I’ve never had a normal life?” Ava spat. “I didn’t know my parents. I was raised by drug and alcohol addict who beat me everyday. No,” she gave another bitter laugh, but it sounded strained, “I’ve never had a normal life. I’ve always been the outsider, I always will be.”

    Kyan looked shocked and slightly sick. “I-I didn’t know, I never thought-”

    “That’s the problem,” Ava hissed. “You didn’t think, you never do.”

    “I-I’m sorry.”

    “No,” Ava’s voice, which usually had a frosty hint to it, turned cold and harsh. “You still think the world revolves around you. Well wake up, Kyan, the world revolves around no one. Stops for no one… You’re not sorry, you never will be.”